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Street Trash (1987)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Street Trash (1987) Never been one of my favorites, but "Street Trash" IS a BUSY little flick with some very off-the-wall characters and colorful gore. The most commonly acknowledged plot detail is geared around a crate of unknown liquor that causes epidermal dissolving among an inner-city populous of winos... Now, bum-melting IS featured in "Street Trash", but it doesn't come across as the most crucial focal point. The movie digresses into many bizarre sub-plots, throughout, and ends up drifting into such unrelated territory that, when the tainted booze comes back into the picture, I was still trying to wrap my head around the whole dead bimbo case and WHY it happened...

The fact that "Street Trash" jumps all over the place doesn't detract from it's unique entertainment factor at all. Hell, if anything the movie is about bum-life... while once every-so often we get to see one of them liquefy. The best character, by far, is the apparent 'leader' of that particular branch of hobo "turf" who is constantly mistreating his crack-whore 'squeaze' and suffering from Nam flashbacks. A vengeful mafia man's drunk girlfriend is inexplicably gang-raped and killed by a gang of bums and is THEN raped again by the overweight junkyard supervisor who finds her body while his hot Asian employee is engaged in a romantic liaison with a seemingly under-age boy-bum... Good stuff! Much weirder than you would expect...

The melting scenes aren't very "nasty" or even GORY due to an array of colors (blue, yellow, green, etc.) that make up the seepage, but the effects are more than passable and, of course, the infamous toilet death inspired some of the finest movie poster-art out there! If you feel like an oddball horror/comedy than "Street Trash" is an amusing watch...

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