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Survivors (1975)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Survivors (1975) Created by Terry Nation (DR WHO).

The premise of this British series is that deadly biologically created disease is accidently released when a test tube breaks - and ninety-five percent of the world's population is killed off within a matter of weeks. The first episode, THE FOURTH HORSEMAN, concentrates on Abby Grant (Carolyn Seymour), a housewife who lives out in the country. She gets sick but the disease doesn't kill her, though it does her husband. Her teenaged son is at a boarding school - and she spends the next few episodes searching to see if he's still alive. There's also Jenny Richards (Lucy Fleming), who flees the city and tries to find other survivors. In GENESIS, the survivors start herding together. Greg Preston (Ian McCullough) is a helicopter pilot who returns home to find his wife dead, so he starts travelling around. He comes across a couple who are living in a quarry - the woman is a bitch and her husband had gotten his legs crushed when he tried to move a tractor. She wants Greg to stay with them but he chooses to leave, saying he'll come back if he finds some medicine/painkiller for her husband. He does return, but finds her walking away from the quarry and she tells him her husband is dead. In truth, he's still alive and screaming for her help---and unbeknownst to Greg is left to starve to death. I thought this was a particularly nasty way to die.

In the third episode, GONE AWAY, conflicts among the groups of survivors start to arise. We're introduced to a would-be-dictator who wants to either kill or chase off people who won't join his little kingdom.

SURVIVORS is very realistic in its depiction, holds up well considering this was made 33 years ago. IF you can ignore the lack of cell phones and all those bell-bottoms, it could very well take place today.

Ian McCullough, who portrays Greg Preston, coincidently (?) appeared as another end of the world survivor in 28 DAYS LATER, as the bearded father.

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