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Syngenor (1990)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Syngenor (1990) It's back! Scared to Death introduced this monster and now years later the sequel has given rebirth to Syngenor. This film is actually not a direct sequel to Scared to Death and isn't quite as cool to me. However, the second coming of the synthesized genetic organism has a bigger budget, multiple creatures, and some decent action. There are a few quirky characters in the film that make it interesting to say the least. Donnie the security guard and the owner of the company that's producing the Syngenor for military purposes are both fun to listen to. The owner is especially fun to watch as his sanity slips away while trying to turn himself into a monster. Yes, it seems corporate greed has made our good monster into some kind of wanna-be super soldier to be used in the next great war that will take place in the middle east. Hmmm, sounds pretty damn prophetic for 1990 doesn't it. Look out Bin Ladden, we will be sending an army of Syngenors to eat the spinal fluid from your crippled walking ass very soon! Syngenor looks about the same as in the previous film (why fuck up a good thing, right?) except for the tongue, which now lights up a glowing red when sucking out the fluid from someone's spine. Like I said this movie ain't no Scared to Death, but it is decent and has lots of military type action with troops fighting the monsters its company has created. It was cool to see several creatures on screen at once. It was cool to see a nice pair of wide nippled titties 5 minutes into the film also. Most of the blood and gore is from the monsters getting mutilated. Heads blown off, drilled, and burned are all good methods to kill 'em it seems. Damn shame too, the monsters were needed for part three. Though Syngenor has a lot of action and creatures it still isn't as scary as part one. Still a good rubber suit monster flick that will satisfy fans.
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