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Taken (2008)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Taken (2008) Liam Neeson, an unlikely guy for a tough, action hero, dives into it in this cool flick. Liam plays a former Government specialty agent that retires to be closer to his teen daughter (who lives with his super rich, arrogant ex-wife). Daughter decides to follow U2 around the world on their latest concert tour but is kidnapped by a group of foreign crazies that intend to use her at HOSTEL bait. This sets Liam off and back into action, racing to get her back before she's raped, killed, and used for shark chum overseas. The action is pretty relentless once this movie kicks in, and surprisingly, Neeson does a great job of channeling some Jason Statham here, excelling in fight scenes and gunplay. He stops at nothing to get his daughter back and waste bad guy after bad guy. It's not quite at a JOHN WICK level here, but there's surely enough tough guy action and testosterone going here to qualify Liam (and Keanu, for that matter!) into one of the next EXPENDABLES movies, right? I cheered when he wasted baddies and cried when he finally rescued his daughter at the end. "Dad, you came for me!" "I told you I would..." Great stuff here, and if you're just looking for a solid action movie with a mad dad out to get his daughter back from sex trade Middle East baddies, well, come no further. Sit right back, open a cool one, and ENJOY! Surely not disappointing at all, and I hear Neeson has made a bunch of tough guy action flicks like this in between his dramatic fodder. Very cool.

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