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Taxidermia (2006)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Taxidermia (2006) Commonly, I don't mind artsy, plot less movies as long as they supply hefty amounts of the good stuff in terms of either gore, female nudity or just miscellaneous strangeness. "Eraserhead" is a pretty good example of what I mean, kind of in that respect. "Taxidermia" is an example of movie that wasn't a COMPLETE letdown, but just missed it's mark...

Word of this flick is getting around due to a new American DVD release and opinions seem rather in-between with the exception of a few 'ravers' who take a few community college film courses and think they can interpret all symbolism... Now, "Taxidermia" IS a flick you can enjoy more if you just sit back and allow yourself to simply take in the outrageous material shown without racking your brain in order to piece it all together. That's how I'm attempting to review this right now. The film ventures you through three generations of bizarre characters who all behold pretty "interesting" traits. The first guy is a peasant military orderly who is able to shoot fire from his penis after sucking candle flames. Oddly, this is not really the focal point of the segment as we really just see how horny and mentally unstable he is before he knocks up a fat chick and is killed for it... Years later, his son has grown into an accomplished competitive eater whose wife bangs his buddy on their wedding night. The final ascendant is a timid taxidermist who is living with his immovably obese father who gets his kicks watching cats eat mounds of food and grow to the size of lions. The dude snaps and commits one of the most unusual suicides you can imagine...

Aside from some morbid situations including dead pig fucking, a baby getting it's tail removed, fetal key-chains and other such wackiness that is, for the most part, an undeniable treat to see - "Taxidermia" just left me completely unaffected and occasionally bored, especially during the speed-eater segment. The movie lacked any kind of 'gripping' quality, yet seemed to only exist for the purpose of gross-out subject matter which, as I said, is the only reason to watch this. If you feel the need to check out "Taxidermia" than you might as well, but just expect a dead, spiritless hodge-podge of nastiness...

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