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Tenement, The (2004)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Tenement, The (2004) Well, THE TENEMENT starts off promising, with a guy and girl making out in a car in the woods-and they're attacked by a bunch of robed figures. The woman is chased and eventually captured, nailed to a cross and tortured a bit by these people. Then, just when it's getting interesting we cut to the REAL story. You see, this was just something playing on the television.The story concerns a young man in 1980 named Ethan who has some emotional problems, particularly with his nagging, bed-ridden mother. This is the basic PSYCHO scenario. While working at a flower shop he encounters a producer of some of his favorite horror movies-and the guy orders a dozen black roses to be brought to his set the next day. He goes and is mistaken for an actor at an audition, where the nasty director, named Korman (Michael Gingold) verbally abuses everyone and is a real dick. Well, Ethan's audition doesn't go very well and he's humiliated by his 'heroes'.This flips him out. He kills his cat then dresses up in a black ninja-like outfit to hunt down and kill Korman. He ends up killing him with a shovel, which was a good, bloody scene.The next story, takes place in 1990, which then makes me realize this is really an anthology movie. This story is about a rapist who lives in the same tenement building as Ethan-and he's after a young mute girl. He follows her out to the country, where her parents have taken her on a trip and he attacks her. But she gets her revenge in a very peculiar way.The next story, in 2000, is about a guy in a therapy group. He says he's there because he's basically a shut-in, afraid to leave his apartment, but he visibly has no problems (in reality, if he really had that problem he wouldn't be there-he'd still be in his apartment). Anyways, on the way back from one of the meetings he's attacked by a dog. He goes to the doctor and finds out that his wound is healing. Soon, he believes that he turns into a werewolf when the moon is full and starts killing people. But his last murder, which the police show him because it's caught on tape, show him not transforming into a werewolf at all. He's insane!Then we go to the wraparound, where an old guy was telling the current owner of the tenement how he used to live there with his mother twenty-years before. This old guy turns out to be Ethan from the first story.Okay, here are my problems...First of all, only twenty years have passed and Ethan should be forty-years old, not sixty. That just doesn't work. And in the first story the guy is watching a vcr and behind him you can see about a hundred and fifty VHS movies on a shelf. For those of us who existed in 1980, VCR's weren't commonplace yet and everyone had Betamax machines, not VHS. And for him to own the actual movies it would've been over a hundred dollars a tape, not five bucks like today. So the whole time-line thing is screwed up. In fact, there wasn't any need for it since they could all be living in the building at the same time.The good thing is that THE TENEMENT moves very quickly and the stories are different enough from one another. Plus, it's always cathartic to see Mike Gingold killed in a movie, don't ask me why...
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