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Terror Within 2, The (1990)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Terror Within 2, The (1990) Continues the story of David (Andrew Stevens), who also directs. It'smonths r after the end of the first movie and he's still wandering the Mojave desert, trying to get to the Rocky Mountain Stations where there are still survivors. He looks kind of crazy with a zztop beard. He rescues a girl from one of the mutants and they quickly become familiar with each other and soon tells him that she's pregnant, which you would think would make him very cautious, because it's way too soon for her to tell (and there was a girl impregnated by one of themonsters in the first movie and it developed very quickly.

The story goes back and forth between David and his girlfriend to the people still at Rocky Mountain station, which include R. Lee Ermey and Stella Stevens. A mutant almost broke into their facility but they slammed the door in time, decapitating its finger. They put this in the lab and it starts to grow into a creature after it feeds on a mouse and one of the people.

Meanwhile, David and the girl are betrayed by a tribe of people they come across, who try to kill him and sacrifice the girl to one of the mutants so it won't bother them. They do, however, kill his pet dog, who had survived the first movie with him. He manages to rescue his girlfriend but not before she's raped by the monster.

In the last half hour they make it to Rocky Mountain station but her pregnancy has excellerated and from what happened in the first movie we know what's going to happen and it does. She gives birth, but it's a half human/half monster. It grows to adult size in a matter of hours and starts killing people. So now there are two monsters in the underground complex they must fight.

I didn't enjoy this quite as much as the first movie.

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