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Thaw, The (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Thaw, The (2009) There's a new sub-genre of horror movie now, "Global Warming horror". Director Larry Fessenden did it last year with his THE LAST WINTER and now comes THE THAW starring Val Kilmer. In fact, this is Kilmer's second GWH movie of the year, the first being THE CHAOS EXPERIMENT.

A group of environmentalists are in the Arctic, studying the effects of global warming on the polar bear populace. They tranquilize a young bear to mark him and see that he was feeding on a woolly mammoth that was in the melting ice. There's also some kind of eggs imbedded in the mammoth meat...

Then we go to Dr Kruipin's daughter, who he isn't going along with. He invites her to come up to see him and she ends up going up there with some college interns. But when they get there they find the facility deserted. And there is a dead polar bear in the exam room. Things become more clearer when one of the people from the research group shows up. She's very sick and dies, vomiting this horrible brown crap. They find out that everyone is dead and assumed she had killed them for some reason.

What has happened is that they were infected by the bugs that hatched from the mammoth, bugs that burrow into them and lay eggs to reproduce. When those eggs hatch they consume the host body. These eggs start hatching from that dead polar bear and begin to infect them..

THE THAW is just okay, way too preachy for my tastes, considering that global warming is just a theory, not a fact, no matter how many times the media will keep on repeating those two words together. The special effects are quite good, from the bugs to a particularly cringing scene where they chop off a guy's arm.

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