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Thirst (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Thirst (2009) THIRST begins with a fat Korean guy dying in a hospital and reminiscing about how he gave sponge-cake to two starving kids 30 years ago. He wonders if that act will get him into heaven. Then we're introduced to a mopey priest who volunteers for a medical experiment in Africa. He starts developing blisters all over his body and loses his fingernails. Then, when he's practicing the flute he vomits up a ton of blood. The experiment doesn't work but it does turn him into a vampire. Six months later he returns to his church, wrapped in bandages like the invisible man. He figures out that if he drinks human blood it makes the blisters go away. At first he's repulsed by this. After he drinks from the IV tube of a hospital patient he hurls himself out the window, only to land below on a car, unharmed. He also develops other appetites. He begins having sex with a young married woman and eventually transforms her into a vampire. While he's Catholic and repressed and drinks blood from IV tubes she has no faith and revels in the killing and drinking.

I found this Korean vampire movie extremely boring. It didn't add anything new to the vampire genre. I didn't care one hoot about any of the characters. Even the ending is taken right from 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. Where are those Asian hopping vampires when you need them?

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