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Time Traveler's Wife, The (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Time Traveler's Wife, The (2009) This is an interesting take on time-travel. Usually, with time travel movies, the crux of the story is to try to change some event. Here, the time-travel is basically a nuisance to the main character, Henry (Eric Bana) who has to somehow incorporate this genetic problem he has into his life. His abilities first manifest themselves when he's in a car accident with his mother. She is killed but he has managed to disappear before the crash and reappear on that same road. He's befriended by an adult, who tells him everything will be okay. This is actually his future self.

At first he doesn't have much control over the ability--stress and drinking seem to make it worse. Then, one day, he meets Clare (Rachel McAdams) at the Library where he works--and she knows exactly who he is. She tells him that he's been visiting her since she was a little girl and that she's known him her whole life. She tells him all the dates he has appeared to her as a child and teenager and he writes them down, so he can appear on those specific days. The two end up getting married and try to have a child, though she keeps on having miscarriages. They think it may be because the fetus also has the time-travel ability and this is what keeps on killing it. However, they do end up having a daughter, which Henry discovers when he travels to a future time period and meets the ten-year-old girl. He also finds out the day he dies.

I don't know how this movie compares to the book, but as a drama/vaguely sci-fi film it works very well.

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