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Tony (2009)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Tony (2009) While not a "bad" movie, "Tony" is an objectively weak serial killer 'tag-along' flick. Now I must say, I have seen a whole LOT worse and, actually, many of the subtle aspects justifiably suited me well. The movie follows a cynical, reserved man with a penchant for action films (on VHS) and gay clubs, who sporadically murders people whom he feels uncomfortable with in his apartment... It's a pretty straight-forward representation of a Dahmer-like killer, showing his bizarre interactive situations that proceed within the time-frame of his awkward life that we see. Such plights include him trying to score drugs, struggling through a job interview and causing an uproar with a young prostitute. Peter Ferdinando is the highlight of the film as the reclusive, unlikely murderer and actually sheds a bit of occasional humor into the rather dark material with his remarkably absorbing performance. I just think if the movie had worked in a bit more of a "shocking" edge it would have worked better. Again, the character of Tony was good and the writing and "flow" of the movie was excellently carried out, but it just lacked 'menace' and disquietness during the kill scenes. Especially in a movie that completely takes place around the killer for the entire movie. If it had just incorporated more acknowledgment as to the motivation behind it, I could have got more of a "grasp" on WHO the character of Tony was, in terms of his homicidal urgency. Otherwise, this film is what I like in a 'serial killer' story. A slice-of-life account, unencumbered by too much police involvement and absolutely NO romantic bullshit or love interest to tediously warrant a "plot twist" or sympathetic ending... Speaking of which, as far as the ending of "Tony", the lack of resolution along with the stack of unanswered questions (namely involving the missing kid and the frantic father) was fine with me, adding to a nicely voyeuristic way to conclude the viewing experience... So overall, "Tony" is a hard movie to sum up with all of the "grey" areas, and if you want a real hard-edged, nihilistic serial killer film than you shouldn't look to "Tony". Check out "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" or "Angst (1983)". "Tony" is still worth a look since it IS solidly written and performed...

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