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Total Recall (2012)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Total Recall (2012) In the near future the world is uninhabitable because of chemical warfare. The only two places people can live is The United Federation of Britain and The Colony (Australia). The two places are connected by a transportation tube, "The Fall", that goes through the

planet. The opening scene begins in the midst of action, with a man and woman being pursued by armed soldiers. It ends badly for them--and then he wakes up. It was another bad dream he's been having lately. He's Douglas Quade (Colin Farrell) and he lives with a woman, Lori (Kate Beckinsale) in a small apartment in an incredibly crowded city. He has a factory job making robots and is unsatisfied with his life. A new guy on the assembly line recommends Rekall, where you can go an experience anything in your mind, as they put the memories directly into your brain. Quade goes there and opts for the "Secret Agent" scenario. However, they have to run a test to make sure that none of the stuff he experiences conflicts with anything in his real life. If it's too similar there's a risk of his "brain blowing". As soon as they start doing the procedure an alarm goes off and the manager of the Rekall freaks, out, saying that he's really a spy. Then, soldiers storm in. Quade's reflexes kick in and he grabs a gun and ends up killing them all.

He's then on the run and soon meets up with Melina (Jessica Biel) , the Resistance Fighter who converted him to begin with. His real name is Carl Hauser and he was the top agent for Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad), leader of the UFB. Cohaagen's plan is to take over The Colony with an army of robots and it's up to Quade/Hauser to stop him. Halfway through a friend shows up and tells him that he's suffered a dissociative breakand that he's still strapped into the chair at the Rekall facility. Is this all a dream? Or is is really happening?

Overall, I enjoyed this adaptation of the Philip K. Dick tale. There are some nods to the first movie, such a woman with three breasts, a scene with the fat woman in the security line and Quade wanting to go to Mars. But everything else is much different. It's darker and more serious, not as much fun as the Arnold flick.

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