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Trailer Park of Terror (2008)
Movie Review by The Cryptkeeper

Trailer Park of Terror (2008) When their bus crashes, stranding them in a remote area known as the Trucker's Triangle, six troubled teens and their youth minister, Pastor Lewis (Matthew Del Negro), find themselves face-to-face with a murderous redneck named Norma (Nichole Hiltz) who keeps company with the undead. While the hapless crew is snoozing away in her trailer park, Norma's thinking of ways to make their lives a living nightmare. -netflix

Take one part horror movie, one part cooking show and one part southern trash flick... put them together and you have Trailer Park of Terror. Based on the Imperium comic book series of the same name, this low budget slasher delivers on many levels.

Norma, a super-hot redneck trailer trash chick is desperate to escape from her life at the trailer park by running away with her new boyfriend. While harassing the new bo, her redneck neighbors accidentally kill him which sends Norma into a rage. She runs into a man we can assume is the devil (Trace Adkins) and she makes a deal with him to sell her soul for revenge. She goes on a rampage and wipes out everyone in the trailer park, including herself.

Along comes a busload of troubled teens from a bible camp... a group ranging from kleptos and nymphos to drug addicts and perverts. After a brief stop in town, their bus crashes on a rainy night. They seek shelter in a local trailer park inhabited by zombies, who were formerly Norma and her redneck neighbors. None of the teens are very likeable characters... so you know they are going down like an Asian hooker. The players are all in place... gentlemen... start your engines.

The filmmakers certainly didn't pull any punches in the gore department. The kills were gruesome and the effects were very well done. Some of the scenes, especially the ones involving human jerky, were particularly gross. I have to say I was hugely disappointed that there was no nudity included in the film. With the trashy feel of the flick and the potential that was there with the sex scenes... some full frontal nudity is not too much to ask for. I am just glad they decided to let Priscilla Barnes keep most of her clothes on... what the hell has happened to her? Whoof.

The acting was a notch above what I expected... given the low budget nature of the film. The cast is not made up of total unknown actors, but most of them are obscure at best. They did a great job of delivering the lines and the scares. The characters were made up of your stereotypical redneck joke punchlines, from the Elvis looking munitions junky to the hugely obese fat chick who craves her meat. Also in tow was a fat, gap-toothed cook named Stank who's jerky was made of any meat he could get his hands on... including possum and people. Throw in a dirty Sheriff, an Asian massage therapist/prostitute, and a few more unsavory trailer trash characters... and it was quite a group. As I said before, the redneck stereotypes were running rampant... but I expected no less. The writing was decent as well... throwing in a good deal of humor along with the gore. The marketing guys even threw in a special packet of Stank's Beef Jerky along with the DVD to top things off.

I do want to say that while most of the camera work was well done, the handheld parts that they threw in... where they shake the camera around on purpose for no reason were unnecessary and detracted from the rest of the artfully done shots. This shaky, hack camera work has no place in films and I wish that filmmakers would stop relying on it so much. It doesn't add anything positive to the work... so stop it. These guys didn't overuse it, so that was good. Aside from the purposely shaky parts, I thought the camera work was very well done. I hear they shot this thing in less than 20 days... so they did a good job in a short time.

Overall, this was a good, fun slasher flick. It was chock full of gore and blood, but lacked the nudity one would expect from a trash film. If you like a humorous, redneck gorefest... then this is one you should see.

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