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Trilogy of Blood (2010)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Trilogy of Blood (2010) How often does a film actually come along that offers up 'grindhouse' -style splatter set to some pretty slammin' psychobilly tunes, all wrapped up in a convenient 27 minute package? The answer to that question is: RARELY, if not NEVER! What can I really say about this flick other than - it's alarmingly unique considering it's minimal budget and minuscule plot... I'll try to elaborate-

It begins with a trio of air-headed chicks driving through a rural stretch of country, who stop for a typically shady hitch-hiker (Joey "Fangface" Broy). He invites them to join him at a drunken barn gig where he happens to be fronting the 'psycho-rock-n-roll' band "The Deadneks". The band busts out a killer tune and afterward, each of the band members begin slaughtering them and various chicks in preparation for a redneck cannibal barbecue.

What really made "Trilogy of Blood" more divergent from other SOV flicks was the grainy look that it carried out, adding a pleasant "camouflage", if you will, that gave it a cool, throwback edge and appeared very natural - other than just that standard digital-looking shit you find yourself accidentally watching these days. Aside from that, however, the film has a lot going for it. The gore effects aren't mesmerizing, but the fact that it all seems to be going for laughs more than a 'serious' horror tone helps it all blend in with the veritable looking 'grindhouse' representation - clearly in the tradition of Russ Meyer and, of course, the legendary H.G. Lewis. You also get a nice range of blood-soaked titties thrown in, power tool carnage (viciously played out by guitarist Scumdog!) and a dude fucking a lawn-tractor which had me laughing my drunk ass off!

"Trilogy of Blood" just did everything right for what it was trying to do, in my opinion. Nothing is overplayed. The humor, editing, pacing is all solid and runs no longer than it should have. Actually, it could've probably run another ten minutes or so longer and would've still been entertaining. "The Deadneks" music overlay also fits perfectly and I like their sound - definitely suiting my taste in 'psychobilly' music which consists of stuff like Graveyard BBQ and Nekromantix. Overall, if you ever have the opportunity, check out "Trilogy of Blood" and surely keep an eye out for other related film installments down the road.

Check out the film's site: www.trilogyofblood.com

And for some "Deadneks" tracks, hit up www.myspace.com/thedeadneks

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