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Trilogy Of Terror (1975)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Trilogy Of Terror (1975) If made-for-TV horror films were ever to pop onto network television these days (not hypothetical, but emphatically impossible!), they'd certainly have some big shoes to fill, especially when it comes to this nutty anthology from '75. I doubt that topics such as date rape, voodoo-based suicide, and killer aborigine toys could ever be packed, competently, into a 70 minute film again, let alone one made for the American Broadcasting Channel...

The first segment in the film (no wrap-around story, by the way) is called "Julie" and it's about a meek looking college professor who reluctantly accompanies a seemingly respectable male student out on a date. He promptly tosses some Rohypnol (or some other kind of sedative I buy in bulk) in her drink before driving her to a motel and taking "explicit" photos of her for the purpose of sexual blackmail.

Story #2 is a worthless bore called "Millicent and Therese". One mild mannered sister wants to put an end to her floozie sister's obnoxious and "evil" ways... The "twist" ending is embarrassingly predictable.

The third and final portion of the movie, titled "Amelia", is the big payoff with the culturally iconic mascot's memorable appearance. The Zuni fetish doll's magical chain falls off, causing the spirit within the object to gain control over the vicious looking little figure and attack Karen Black. This is seriously a non-stop uproar of savage doll noises and a woman's struggle for survival against the flailing, steak knife wielding puppet. That's the extent of this story's plot, but that's all it takes for you to derive entertainment from it this high-energy conclusion...

"Trilogy of Terror" is nothing GREAT as far as anthology flicks go. It pales in comparison to shit like "Creepshow" and, my personal favorite, "Tales From the Darkside: The Movie". Still, if you dig Karen Black like I do, you'll certainly find her presence in each fable (plus, a dual role in the 2nd story) to be a nice gag. Richard Matheson is credited with writing the screenplay, as well, which I'm sure was butchered.

Overall, "Trilogy of Terror" is one of those favorable glimpses at the gloriously nostalgic 70s film era when television studios actually beamed horror entertainment into your home... I must say, lastly, that the Zuni doll only really has a terrorizing impact on children so, if you have kids, plant 'em in front of this film and help the little tikes build some fond memories!

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