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Trilogy Of Terror (1975)
Movie Review by The Mortician

Trilogy Of Terror (1975) Awesome cult television movie that still delivers today! Starring the gorgeous Karen Black (who calls are her horror movies science fiction in the disc extras!) in three different shorts written by Richard Matheson (who refers to his work as "terror" films over horror), this movie rocks nearly 40 years later. The things they could get away with on broadcast TV in the '70's totally amaze me! The first segment has Black playing a Plain Jane teacher that a student gets obsessed with and tries to date. He spies on her dressing, later convinces her to go to the movies with him and drugs her drink, and then proceeds to take naked pictures of her before raping her! Of course, all this is implied, but HEAVILY implied expertly by director Dan Curtis. The tables turn at the end of this segment and not much explanation is given as to how or why, so this kind of annoyed me in the writing department. Still, nothing like a 'hot for teacher' storyline to start things off! The next segment has Black playing two sisters- one a prim and proper goody two shoes, the other a slutty, miniskirted, smoking blond babe as they face off with each other after their father dies. Accusations of doing the dirty deed with daddy and indulging in evil are hurtled as each sister tries to destroy the other until a final confrontation involving their shrink and the supernatural slams into us. You can see the ending of this one miles away but still...seeing Black camp it up in the two roles, especially the miniskirted slut, make it more than worthwhile. The final segment is a fan favorite that spooked the daylights out of viewers back in the day, and through the brilliant use of POV shots and screeching sound effects, still packs a wallop today. Of course it's the African Tribal Doll vs. Ms. Black in an apartment that I'm talking about. She buys it as a gift for her boyfriend but the chain that keeps it lifeless falls off and the evil-looking dolls comes to life and attacks Ms. Black with violent fury! This is obviously where the whole 'killer doll' subgenre started, the roots of all things CHILD'S PLAY and PUPPET MASTER, and the attack sequences are brilliantly flawless, making your heart pound in excitement! Ms. Black's character makes a few silly WHY YOU'D DO THAT?!?! moves but overall, it all still works brilliantly. And the ending...let me just say, the ending is awesome, and if you haven't seen it, ahhhh, wicked cool! You'll love it. TRILOGY OF TERROR, a TV movie from the '70's, beats just about every Sy Fy channel piece of CGI drizzle coming down the pike today. I'm still blown away that they got away with all the undercurrents that this movie has back in the day---teachers sexing up students, voyeurism, peeping Tom-ism, incest, seduction, matricide, suicide, pornography, witchcraft, and the list goes on and on and on! Check it out and see what I mean. And there's also the brilliance of Karen Black's performances, playing everything from plain Jane to hot seductress to damsel in distress...No wonder this one has so many fans, all these decades later!

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