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Troll Hunter (2010)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Troll Hunter (2010) The latest in the shot-on-video faux documentary found footage genre is about a group of college students, working on a video project, who stumble across a hunter who happens to be working in "Troll control". You see, the mythical creatures actually exist and the Norwegian government has done its best to keep this knowledge from the public. In a State park bears are blamed for local animal killings--but it's really these creatures. They follow the hunter deep into the woods--and he starts running towards them, shouting "Troll! Troll!". One of the students is clawed by something, though he doesn't see what it is. When they go back to their car it is tipped on its side and destroyed. Later that night they are shocked when they witness this huge, twenty-foot tall three headed creature pursuing them. The hunter turns on a portable UV light and turns it to stone. Later, we learn that the species cannot process vitamin D and the younger Trolls explode when exposed to sunlight while the older ones quickly calcify, seeming to turn to stone. They also hate anything involving Christians, which poses a problem for one of the students later...

The movie starts off rather slowly but picks by the middle, one the hunter starts volunteering information and revealing secrets. There's a harrowing sequence when they go into what seems to be an abandoned troll den but are trapped there when half a dozen of them return to sleep. And the last half-hour of the movie involves a truly humongous creature that's bigger than King Kong. Recommended.

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