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True Detective: Season One (2014)
Movie Review by The Mortician

True Detective: Season One (2014) Less a traditional TV show (made by HBO) and more one giant, long-form cinematic epic told in novelistic style, this is one of the better post-DEXTER and BREAKING BAD shows I've seen. Echoing both those classic series in many ways (in story, style, cutting edge characters and content), this show....more an experience... has strong writing and great acting by the two excellent leads: Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Steeped in pulp noir fiction style yet updated for its time...TRUE DETECTIVE is the rather simple story of two Louisiana detectives searching relentlessly for a killer who sacrifices his victims in some kind of (possibly) Satanic way. A cult may or may not be involved and some very high authorities may also be involved in covering things up along the way. The narrative is told in two ways: one set in 2012 by interviewing the two cops, having them reflect back on their case, and through flashbacks of what happened back in 1995, when they were first investigating the murder. The reason? Seems the murders have started up again, even though our heroes allegedly put away the bad guy. Could McConaughey BE the bad guy? What makes this story so intriguing is the way the flashbacks go...our cops "tell" the story of what happened one way, totally lying about most of the events, while we get to SEE what really went down in glorious detail. McConaughey plays his part of damaged, lost soul cop to the hilt, kind of a Killer Joe with drug flashbacks, searching for meaning in life.At times, he's downright despicable and mean. Harrelson is a womanizing, cheating, lying bastard....nearly ruining his lovely family on his off hours...but we come to like both of these damaged individuals anyway, despite their shortcomings. Their verbal sparring and the trouble they get into while on and off the job are part of what make this work so well...both actors give the performances of their careers, really, completely absorbing themselves in their parts. And when they adhere to their DEXTER-ish code and decide to dish out some vigilante justice here and there....well, you don't fault them for it. You actually start rooting for these guys and sympathizing with them! We've fully arrived into the era of the tainted, gray, murdering "good guy." It's quite the odd feeling for the viewer, further desensitizing us in a manipulative way. Another good thing about this show is the nudity- there's plenty of it and it's full-on! Michelle Monoghan, Alexandra Daddario, and Lilli Simmons all show their hot bods in various scenes of sexual activity, and it was quite the pleasure to see Ms. Daddario (from TEXAS CHAINSAW 3-D) going FULLY nude in her fuck scene with Woody (who MUST'VE had a real woody in the scene!). And I do mean FULLY NUDE- Daddario shows off breasts, ass, bush, and if you look hard enough with your remote as she unstraddles Woody bottomless, you'll see lips (and NOT the ones on her face!). I was stunned and aroused by this, as regular cable TV shows blur the line of what is good taste and pornography. A-list actresses showing their snatches! Love it! Brilliant! And Daddario is just so hot that her image will melt your mind! There's also scenes in strip clubs and slut houses with Lady Red Lights flashing their wares Sharon Stone style; all kinds of beautiful female flesh on parade here. This kept the show most interesting for me. Heck, the opening credits, with curvaceous female asses in full close-up, breasts dipping in and out of the frame, and all kind of other tantalizing female imagery is enough to get my motor running! Anyway, TRUE DETECTIVE is one smart, hip, sexy, exploitative, entertaining, and sleazy show from beginning to end. Great character development, great story arcs, original narrative and storytelling highlight everything. The music score is perfect and the Louisiana setting becomes a character unto itself, much like Miami was revitalized and re-glossed with DEXTER, they do the same thing here with their location. There's also just excellent directing, such as a seven minute action scene with NO CUTS at all, just steadi-cam gliding, that will blow your mind. TRUE DETECTIVE is one of the best cinematic experiences I had in 2014, and I can't recommend it highly enough. Looking forward to Season 2, which will pick up with 8 new episodes and a completely new set of pulp friction dicks on a new case. Let's hope they keep the grit and sleazy women factors completely in place! Can't recommend this one enough- 8 hours well spent!

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