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Twenty-Eight Days Later (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Twenty-Eight Days Later (2003) This is one of the better horror movies to come along in the past decade, a gritty end-of-the world scenario more in common with THE OMEGA MAN than any zombie movie of which it's compared to. In the opening scene a group of animal activists break into a research facility in order to rescue the chimps but the apes are infected with a virus called 'Rage'. Within ten seconds of being bit one of the humans are contaminated and she turns on the others. Then, skip to '28 Days Later....' When a young man wakes up from an traffic accident induced coma to find the hospital-and the entire city-abandoned and in ruins. He wanders about, calling to see if there's anyone else-and finally ends up in a church. He sees a pile of dead bodies in the pews and as soon as he calls out some heads immediately pop up-and the once-humans start pursuing him, including the infected priest. Two survivors rescue him just in time and they explain that a quick acting virus has made everyone kill each other off. They eventually find more survivors and part of an army troop that's managed to survive. But these military guys may indeed be worse than the infected humans, particularly with what they want to do with the women. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time and the shot on digital video format makes it seem more 'real', successfully adding to the anxiety. While not exactly dead zombies the infected are ferocious, enraged killing machines with these horrible red eyes. If you're bitten or scratched you become one of them in less than fifteen seconds. If you haven't seen a genuinely scary movie in a long while then you have to see this movie. In fact, you'll probably end up seeing it a few times.
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