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V (2009)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

V (2009) This update of the 1980s series is well-handled and surprisingly good, akin to what the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA is to the old show. First four episodes sets up the story line for the series. It cleverly answers all those questions we may have had about the visitors the first time around, such as why they don't have a problem wearing the human costumes all the time and how they know so much about humans if they just arrived in their ships. All of the characters are different than in the original mini-series. Anna (Morena Baccarin of FIREFLY) is the leader of all the Visitors and she comes across very sincere and friendly, though she's really the complete opposite. The aliens themselves dress like normal humans, no red jumpsuits and sunglasses. Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell of LOST) is the FBI agent who is suspicious of the aliens from the get-go and she becomes involved with the Resistance movement once she learns what they really look like (lizards!) their true intentions are. Her teenaged son becomes enamored with the Visitors and secretly joins a youth group. There, he becomes attracted to the blonde Lisa (Laura Vandervoort of SMALLVILLE) who turns out to be Anna's daughter. Father Jack Landry (Joel Gretsch of THE 4400) is also suspicious of the aliens' intentions and is worried that humanity will start worshipping them. The biggest surprise, however, is Ryan Nichols, who is called back into the Resistance movement, which he was involved with years ago. Yes, the Visitors have been on Earth for years impersonating humans, planting the seeds for their invasion. In fact, Ryan is an alien, though his human fiance has no idea about this.

So far I'm hooked on this show.

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