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Webs (2003)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

Webs (2003) Richard Grieco is one of three electricians who stumble upon a hidden lab in the basement of a soon-to-be demolished building. They fiddle around with the strange equipment and are transported to an alternate reality where a giant spider creature has taken over the world. A scientist, thirty years before, discovered a way to breach into different realities. He transported himself to another 'earth' but in doing so opened up another portal which allowed the spider queen to enter the same world-and within a matter of years she infected the human populace and took over. Now just a few human survivors, with the help of Grieco, are hoping to get back to our dimension, where it's safe. The special effects are decent. The infected humans have these nasty looking teeth and long fingers and those sequences reminded me of an effective zombie movie. They are creepy, particularly when lurking about the deserted Chicago.But the plausibility factor is nil. Okay, we see the queen, who is responsible for the entire invasion, but she's just ONE overgrown spider. All her followers are infected humans, who are half human/half spider. How was she able to take over? It seems a well planted bomb would solve that problem. And there's spiderwebs over everything. If she's the only spider where did all the webs come from? We don't see any other spiders, not even smaller versions.Lastly, the movie steals the original ending from the awful ARMY OF DARKNESS (well, thematically if not literally) and it just doesn't work here. WEBS is just clogged with too many problems.
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