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Wind Chill (2007)
Movie Review by The Cryptkeeper

Wind Chill (2007) From director Gregory Jacobs and executive producers George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh comes this chilling highway horror flick starring Ashton Holmes, Emily Blunt and Martin Donovan. While driving home for Christmas break, two college students find their vehicle broken down on a deserted road where the souls of all who have perished there return to haunt them. -netflix

I watched this movie on the recommendation of The Gravedigger... and I have to say that I was not disappointed. A college girl, with no name apparently, catches a ride home for the Christmas break with a fellow student... who is a guy, which is also sans name. I mention this because I found it interesting that neither of the two main players in the movie were given a name.... just girl and guy. Anyhow, the guy is apparently obsessed with this girl so he posts a ride-share bulletin on a campus information board. She grabs his number and arranges to hitch a ride with him in his old beater car. He is pretty much socially inept and she comes off as a stuck up bitch... so their interactions are this point are very forced and clumsy.

The two travelers soon find themselves in unfamiliar territory in the dead of winter. They are run off of the road by an apparent out of control driver and become stranded along a snow bank. They cannot move the car and even if they could... the accident caused a leak in the gas tank, so they are running out of fuel. To make matters worse, they are in a cell phone dead zone... so calling for help is out of the question. The longer they are stranded there, the more they start to realize that this place is more of a dead zone than they could imagine.

During the guy's futile attempt to walk back to a gas station they stopped at earlier, the girl sees an unresponsive person walk by their stranded car. We soon realize that the figure she saw was a ghost... and he is not alone. They begin being terrorized by ghosts of people who have died near this very spot on the road. The two stranded travelers find themselves inside a strange ghost story that is unfolding around them.

The acting was very good, given that the majority of the movie takes place in and around a car. The way the interaction between the two actors changed dramatically as the movie progressed was great. The effects were few, but the movie had a very creepy feel nevertheless. This is not a widely known movie for some reason... but it should be. Do yourself a favor and rent this one. It is quite a pleasant surprise.

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