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Woman Who Powders Herself, The (1972)
Movie Review by The Spastic Cannibal

Woman Who Powders Herself, The (1972) "The Woman Who Powders Herself" is a short film I really like and have seen numerous times recently, though it's a tough one to explain or recommend. I can't help but try while I'm adamently trying to NOT come across as some snobby, college film student art-fag.

It's basically your plot-less, surrealist, black-and-white oddball, student film type of look and feel, but what I really enjoy about this type of shit is not trying to analyze and interpret any possible symbolism that the asshole film maker was trying to make you feel stupid with, but simply the nightmarish imagery that consists of this 15 minute "experiment". What you have is a mix of bizarre, hellish faces, sounds, landscapes and editing techniques that don't make any sense, but I think is just visually pleasing to those who can get any satisfaction out of watching weird shit. I can't and will not even try to explain said images shown in "The Woman Who Powders Herself", but I WILL say that it's downright creepy. More so than any of the mainstream horror - "Paranormal Activity" type of garbage that kids find so frightening. Just looking at the strange ideas in this type of flick are bound to chill you more than anything with a comprehensible plot.

I won't recommend it since this type is stuff is boring to most people and that's understandable. Hell, this film could've been a bit shorter (again, it's 15 minutes long), but if you don't bother studying it's content like an asshole, than you may find it's horrific imagery interesting.

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