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Zombie Lake (1980)
Movie Review by The Undertaker

Zombie Lake (1980) This strange European zombie flick offers entertainment, goofyness, green-faced zombies, and probably the best swimming underwater zombies ever lensed. It's not a great movie, pretty bad at times really, but it's definitely worth seeing and will hold your attention, with nudity alone if nothing else. There's also a weirdo subplot about a girl whose father happens to be one of these long dead Nazi zombies. She was conceived after mommy bedded down with a soldier that saved her life. The town wasn't quite as friendly towards the Nazi's though, killing them off in ambush and dumping them in a nearby lake to hide the bodies so that other German soldiers passing through wouldn't stop and whoop their asses. For this, the dead now walk, haunting the lake, killing anyone that gets to close, especially if they are hot looking and nekkid! The town fears and tries to avoid the lake, even the mayor admits the lake is no place for a swim. They call it the lake of ghosts. Luckily for us, several hot, naked, young women wanna swim and do get in the lake, only to be dragged to the bottom of the pool, uh, I mean lake. Hell, a women's basketball team, they play with a volleyball on shore, even decided to get group naked and dive right in the pool, uh, I mean lake. The undead strike, killing all but one. This shit is getting too much for the town, even a reporter from the city stops by to do a story on the dreaded place. Victims pile up and the town takes action. Using the little girl whose dead daddy seems to be the zombies swim team leader, they lure the swimming dead out for a blood dinner, then fry them with a crappy looking flamethrower. I saw this flick years ago, all I really remembered were the naked chicks honestly. But, this new dvd release I just snagged made me realize how much fun this Lake really is. It's widescreen, looks awesome, and offers the original titled print with all nude scenes intact. The liner notes also fess up to Jean Rollin, not Jess Franco putting his touches on this film. At times, it does have a cool feel to it. I love the green Kermit the frog looking zombies, and the make-up never looks the same from scene to scene. Other times, the crappy budget and just plain 'what were you thinking' shines through. Case in point, the pool, uh, I mean lake. Still, it grows on you. The dvd did show me one thing I never wanna see again in my life, the alternate clothed scenes! Yuck! Hiss...be gone! Want a good triple feature? Put together Zombie Lake, Oasis of the Dead, and Shock Waves to top it off.
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