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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths (2010)
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Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths (2010) A good version of Lex Luthor from a parallel Earth comes to the Justice League's dimension for help to fight their evil counterparts.

Movie Tagline:
When Justice meets its match, worlds collide.

Title: Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths
Release Date: February 23, 2010
Runtime: 75 mins
Genre: Animation
All Genres: Animation, Action, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
IMDB Rating: 7.0
Buried.com Rating: 8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With J

MPAA Rating: PG-13

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated PG-13 for action violence.

Sam Liu
Lauren Montgomery

William Baldwin ...Batman (voice)
Mark Harmon ...Superman (voice)
Chris Noth ...Lex Luthor (voice)
Gina Torres ...Superwoman (voice)
James Woods ...Owlman (voice)
Jonathan Adams ...J'onn J'onzz (voice)
Brian Bloom ...Ultraman (voice)
Bruce Davison ...President Wilson (voice)
Josh Keaton ...The Flash / Aquaman (voice)
Vanessa Marshall ...Wonder Woman (voice)
Nolan North ...Green Lantern / Power Ring (voice)
Freddi Rogers ...Rose Wilson (voice)
James Patrick Stuart ...Johnny Quick / The Jester (voice)
Carlos Alazraqui ...Breakdance / Secret Service Agent (voice)
Richard Green ...Jimmy Olsen (voice)
Jim Meskimen ...Captain Super / Archer (voice)
Andrea Romano ...Watchtower Computer / Reporter (voice)
Bruce W. Timm ...Uncle Super / Captain Super Jr. (voice) (as Bruce...
Kari Wuhrer ...Model Citizen / Black Canary (voice)
Cedric Yarbrough ...Firestorm / Black Lightning (voice)

Alan Burnett
Bobbie Page
Sam Register
Bruce W. Timm

Dwayne McDuffie

James L. Venable

Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Horror Film Trailer 1
Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Horror Film Trailer 2

More Movie Taglines:
  • When Justice meets its match, worlds collide.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Lex Luthor: What are you waiting for? Hurry. The Jester: It's time to get serious, Lex. Lex Luthor: No, we can make it together. We can do this. The Jester: Get your shiny bald head out of here. It's hurting my eyes.
  • Batman: All right, Flash. Beginning test run. Flash: I don't know, Batman. This is pretty radical. You're absolutely sure it works? Batman: Pretty sure. Flash: Pretty sure? That isn't... [Batman teleports Flash aboard new headquarters] Flash: ...good enough. Batman: Teleporter's online. Flash: Are you crazy? Is he crazy? How could he use that thing on me if the wasn't sure? J'onn J'onzz: He was joking. Flash: Yeah, how can you tell? Wonder Woman: You really think he would risk your life if he wasn't sure? Flash: Well, maybe. I mean, I don't think he likes me very much. J'onn J'onzz: I don't think he likes anyone very much.
  • Lex Luthor: [police has him surrounded] No need to make a scene. I want you to call the Justice League for me. Police Officer: Or else? Lex Luthor: Oh, I don't know. I'll destroy the world? Is that sufficient?
  • Flash: How are we supposed to get inside again? Lex Luthor: Multi-frequency band, encryption analyzer-replicator pack. Flash: Some of us don't speak Star Trek. Lex Luthor: Think of it as a fancy garage-door opener.
  • [Flash bumps into the invisible plane] Wonder Woman: Mind your head. Flash: I can't believe you kept that thing. Wonder Woman: Spoils of war. I like it. Flash: What do you need a plane for anyway? You can fly. Green Lantern: You drive a car. Flash: That is *so* not the point.
Movie Trivia:
  • Originally titled "Justice League: World's Collide," Dwayne McDuffie's script was commissioned for a planned direct-to-video feature in 2004 meant to bridge seasons two and three of "Justice League" (2001). However, due to a tight TV schedule and various other problems, it was not produced then.
  • Despite a heavy rewrite, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths still contains some elements that bridge the gap between the series finale of Justice League and the revamping of the show: - The Justice League has six core members, as it was after Hawkgirl leaving in "Starcrossed, Part III." - The League is assembling new Watchtower following the destruction of the original in "Starcrossed" - They have also just finished building and testing the teleporter - Wonder Woman addresses Batman by his real name. The League's secret identities were revealed to each other in "Starcrossed, Part II" - Wonder Woman keeps Owlman's jet, which gets stuck in "chameleon mode". It is almost identical in appearance to the Invisible Jet she used in Justice League Unlimited. - Batman explains to Superman how they are "understaffed." He brings in Aquaman, Black Canary, Red Tornado, Black Lightning and Firestorm to fight Superwoman and company aboard the Watchtower and keeps them around to start expanding the League. - Flash very clearly appears to be Wally West, specifically based upon the DCAU version; his character model and facial expressions are very similar, despite the different styles. - Green Lantern mentions that Flash has a car, which appeared in the second season of Justice League.
  • In the behind the scenes featurette, Voice Director Andrea Romano reveals that James Woods recorded all of his lines as Owlman via satellite from a studio in Connecticut.
  • The only indications that this is not a bridge between Justice League,and Justice League Unlimited, are J'onn J'onzz's costume being significantly different, and Green lantern being someone other than John Stewart,(though this could be Guy Gardner, who also appeared in the DCAU).
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