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The Black Room (1935)
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The Black Room (1935) Prophecy has it that younger twin Anton will kill brother Gregor in the castle's Black Room. Anton returns to the castle after a 10 year hiatus. Gregor, a Baron, has many attempts on his life as his subjects detest his tyranny. However, good natured Anton earns the subjects' respect, and the admiration of Col.Hassel, uncle of the beautiful Thea. When Gregor kills young servant Mashka, his subjects storm the castle to remove him. Devious Gregor renounces his title in favour of brother Anton to appease them. He then kills Anton to assume his identity and the Baronship again. He is free to pursue Thea with Col.Hassel's blessing. When Col.Hassel discovers Gregor's impersonation, he also meets death. With Thea's true love, Lt. Lussan, wrongfully convicted of Hassel's murder, it appears nothing can stop evil Gregor from ambushing her into marriage. But what of that prophecy?

Movie Tagline:
Embraced by the Devil! Monster . . . his kiss the password to oblivion!

Title: Black Room, The
Release Date: July 15, 1935
Runtime: 70 mins
Genre: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Horror
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.0
Buried.com Rating: 8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With B

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Roy William Neill

Boris Karloff ...Baron Gregor de Berghman / Anton de Berghman
Marian Marsh ...Thea Hassel
Robert Allen ...Lt. Albert Lussan
Thurston Hall ...Col. Paul Hassel
Katherine DeMille ...Mashka
John Buckler ...Beran - the gypsy
Henry Kolker ...Baron de Berghman
Colin Tapley ...Paul Hassel as a young lieutenant
Torben Meyer ...Peter, the majordomo
Enrique Acosta ...Judge (scenes deleted)
John Beck ...Court Clerk
Daniel Joseph Bleifer ...Anton as a Child
John Bleifer ...Captured Assassin-Villager
Sidney Bracey ...Gregor's Hairdresser
Egon Brecher ...Lead Villager - Dark leather hat
Phyllis Cerf ...A Bridesmaid
Carrie Daumery ...Member of the Court
Edwards Davis ...Member of the Court
Victor De Linsky ...Michael the Footman
Abe Dinovitch ...Gatekeeper
Herbert Evans ...Minor Role
John George ...Inn Waiter
Octavio Giraud ...Judge
Grace Goodall ...Member of the Court
James Gordon ...Gentleman
Helena Grant ...Anna - the housekeeper
Bert Howard ...Gentleman
Edith Kingdon ...Member of the Court
Richard Lancaster ...Gentleman
Marion Lessing ...Maria - the chambermaid

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Henry Myers
Arthur Strawn
Arthur Strawn

R.H. Bassett
Milan Roder
Louis Silvers

More Movie Taglines:
  • Embraced by the Devil! Monster . . . his kiss the password to oblivion!
  • all caps)
Movie Quote(s):
  • Baron de Berghman: This house began with murder. It will end the same way. [Reading from the coat-of-arms] Baron de Berghman: "Principio Et Finem Similia." I end as I began!
  • Mashka: Don't you want to kiss me? Baron Gregor de Bergmann: [Cutting a juicy pear with his knife and eating it as he talks] A pear is the best fruit! Mashka: Every time you see her, you want to be rid of me. Baron Gregor de Bergmann: [Seemingly ignoring her] Lots of juice in a pear! Baron Gregor de Bergmann: Well, you'll find out I'll not be got rid of so easily! Do you hear what I say? Baron Gregor de Bergmann: Adam should've chosen a pear. Mashka: You've got it all planned, haven't you? You're gonna marry her. You're gonna make her your wife, your baroness! Baron Gregor de Bergmann: I like the feel of a pear! And when you're through with it... [He carelessly tosses it across the room]
  • Baron Gregor de Bergmann: [as Anton lies dying in the well of the Black Room] Goodbye, brother. There's nothing to fear now. The prophecy can't be fulfilled. Anton de Bergmann: [With certitude] It will be fulfilled! Baron Gregor de Bergmann: Perhaps you will come back from the dead to kill me? Anton de Bergmann: [Dying words] Even from the dead!
  • Col. Paul Hassel: [Playing chess] Your attack is weak as your brother Gregor's was brilliant. Chess, by the way, was the only virtue I ever discovered in him. Baron Gregor de Bergmann: I received a letter today from him from Warsaw. Most of it was devoted to begging me to send his love to you, Colonel. Col. Paul Hassel: His love to me? Well, if I have to accept it, I'd rather have it by post than any way I can think of.
Movie Trivia:
  • Present extant version, as presented on Turner Classic Movies, bears title and end credits redesigned for the 1955 wide screen re-release.
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Prophecy, Castle, Twins, Impersonation, Servant  ...[more]

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