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The Lodger (1944)
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The Lodger (1944) Mrs. Bonting manages to keep up appearances, but little more than that, these days. Though Mr. Bonting is unhappy over the idea of letting rooms, it seems an answer to a prayer when a peculiar young man named Mr. Slade rents both a room and the attic. He even pays twenty pounds in advance. But he is peculiar. He claims to be conducting scientific experiments, which is supposed to explain why he is out at all hours and why he can be found in the attic burning things. His antipathy toward actresses is particularly strange. The walls of his room have paintings of actresses, and the first thing he does is turn them all to the wall. Mrs. Bonting's niece happens to live in the house, too. And she's a music-hall actress. None of this would seem particularly alarming. But Jack the Ripper is on the loose. And all his victims are connected in some way to the stage. And no one knows who he is.

Movie Tagline:
The Story of Jack the Ripper

Title: Lodger, The
Release Date: January 19, 1944
Runtime: 84 mins
Genre: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Horror, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.3
Buried.com Rating: 8.3 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With L

MPAA Rating: Approved

John Brahm

Merle Oberon ...Kitty Langley
George Sanders ...Inspector John Warwick
Laird Cregar ...Mr. Slade
Cedric Hardwicke ...Robert Bonting
Sara Allgood ...Ellen Bonting
Aubrey Mather ...Supt. Sutherland
Queenie Leonard ...Daisy - the maid
Doris Lloyd ...Jennie
David Clyde ...Det. Sgt. Bates
Helena Pickard ...Annie Rowley
Harry Allen ...Conductor
Jimmy Aubrey ...Cab driver
Wilson Benge ...Vigilante
Billy Bevan ...Bartender
Edmund Breon ...Manager
Mae Bruce ...Screaming woman
Colin Campbell ...Harris' Assistant
Ruth Clifford ...Hairdresser
Herbert Clifton ...Conductor
Harold De Becker ...Charlie - Stage guard
Cyril Delevanti ...Stagehand
Frank Elliott ...Aide
Herbert Evans ...Constable
Douglas Gerrard ...Porter
Kit Guard ...Man in pub
Charlie Hall ...Comedian
Gerald Hamer ...Milkman
Lumsden Hare ...Dr. Sheridan
Alec Harford ...Conductor
Forrester Harvey ...Cobbler

» [more cast members]

Robert Bassler

Marie Belloc Lowndes
Barre Lyndon

Hugo Friedhofer

More Movie Taglines:
  • The Story of Jack the Ripper
  • PROBING EYES that marked the woman he loved for death!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Slade: You wouldn't think that anyone could hate a thing and love it too. Kitty Langley: You can't love and hate at the same time. Slade: You can! And it's a problem then...
  • [first lines] Old Cockney Man: [reading poster] "Murders being committed in our midst. Police inadequate. We intend offering a substantial reward to anyone, citizen or otherwise, who shall give information bringing the murderer or murderers to justice." Hmm.
  • Slade: Haven't you enough men at your feet already?
  • [last lines] Kitty Langley: He said deep water was restful and full of peace. The river drew him even in the end. Inspector John Warwick: A river sweeps a city clean. Kitty Langley: Carries things out to sea. And they sink in deep water. Ellen Bonting: If it was him, I'm glad.
Movie Trivia:
  • Merle Oberon fell in love with the film's cinematographer, Lucien Ballard, and they married the following year. Because of facial scars Oberon sustained in a car accident, Ballard developed a unique light for her that washed out any signs of her blemishes. The device is known to this day as the Obie (not to be confused with the Off-Broadway award).
  • Laird Cregar's screen presence and performance created such a sensation that Twentieth Century Fox planned to cash in on their find by putting him in similar roles in other productions. The first of these was Hangover Square (1945) which re-united director John Brahm, screenwriter Barre Lyndon and co-star George Sanders. The plans were cut short when Laird Cregar was stricken by a fatal heart attack at the end of the year. "Hangover Square" would be released after his death.
  • George Sanders also played Inspector Warwick in the 1932 British version, but was uncredited.
  • The sequence involving the killing of Annie Rowley was judged to be so well done that studio chief Darryl F. Zanuck ordered it placed at the beginning of the picture. Actress Helena Pickard's face was not shown so that it became a simple matter of re-dubbing the dialog so that she is addressed as "Katie."
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» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

Lodger, Attic, Jack The Ripper, Scientific Experiment, Music Hall  ...[more]

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