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Pacific Rim (2013)
Movie Review by The Cenobite

Pacific Rim (2013) So let me start by saying I'm a huge Guillermo Del Toro's films. Even Mimic holds a special freak place in my heart as a movie The indie and artisan cred he gained with Pans Labyrinth solidified his role as a director who realizes big visions and knows how to pull them off. Pacific Rim is no Pans labyrinth it's not even Hellboy or Blade 2, this movie is Popcorn monster mania big time. Films like this are handled by directors like Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay, they come out around the fourth of July and they wow us with flair and there is nothing wrong with that. When I first heard of Pacific Rim and Guillermo's name attached to it I was excited. Actually being a fan of these blockbusters they had me at Kaiju and Jaegers (monsters and robots) but I knew he could take a film like this to the next level. Let me start by saying that Pacific Rim is everything you thought it would be, explosions (check), Monsters (check) downtrodden hero (check), win or die (check) crazy hyper cut battles (nope) and therein lies the rub. See Guillermo can tell a story with a fight and the battles in Pacific Rim are epic in every way without feeling like you have missed something. The Backstory is easy and large and is summed up within the first five minutes, Monsters came from the sea, we fight them in large robots. That sentence does not do the movie justice though, the humans technology of robot fighters called jaegers is thought out and has some science to it. The monsters are amazing in the movie there call Kaiju and there from a rift in the sea and they make landfall and havoc ensues. Like Independence Day the cast is full of up and comers, tv stars and Del Toro's favorite Ron Perlman. Charlie Hunman from FX's SoA plays our hero and Idris Elba from Marvels Thor plays the leader, between the two there is enough massive speeches that outweigh the battles. Comic relief is portrayed by Charlie Day of Always Sunny as a scientist hell bent and obsessed with the kaiju, and in the movie it works hes quirky, hes great. What surprised me more than anything about the movie is Rinko Kikuchi as Mako a character that to me sums up why the movie is amazing. We knew it would look good, we knew it would have great battles, epic speeches and blow our socks off monsters. I didn't know that finally in a movie this size there is a woman hero that kicks ass. Now Elektra bombed and Black widow is nothing but a side character, but Del Toro gives us an actress who is just as important as the main hero. It takes a minute for Mako to come around but when she does she kicks ass and I can see her inspiring teenage girls for years to come. Will Pacific Rim change your life? No. Will Kaijus melt your face and leave you hope that mecha robots are the future Hell YEaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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