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V: The Final Battle (1984)
Movie Review by The Gravedigger

V: The Final Battle (1984) The Resistance, led by Julie Parish (Faye Grant) and Mike Donovan (Marc Singer), try to stop a food processing planet where they see humans on conveyer belts being loaded up to the huge spaceships. However, they are stopped because their conventional weapons are no ineffective against the Visitor's new body armor. In fact, they only have one Visitor raygun.

News anchor Christine Walsh is still working for Diana (Jane Badler), though she eventually redeems herself after she sneaks into the food storage facilities and realizes everything Mike Donovan told her about them is true. They are harvesting people for food. Donovan has a nightmare that the Visitors killed his son, who is still a prisoner. And teenager Robin, who was impregnated by a Visitor in the first mini-series, is developing a strange scaly rash around her neck. The Resistance wants to turn the war around by crashing a big event and showing the public how the Visitors really look under their human disguise. They do manage to infiltrate a press conference and rip half the face off John, the leader. But the telecast is dismissed as a fake to the public.

Good Visitor Willie (Robert Englund) is captured by the Resistance and they experiment on him, trying to find a way to stop the Visitors. This solution happens when Robin's twins are born. One of them looks human, except for a lizard tongue, and the other looks like baby Godzilla. The lizard one eventually dies because of a bacteria--and Julie and the other scientists use this to create "The red dust", which is fatal to the alien invaders.

Juliet is captured and Diana tries to brainwash her like she has so many others.

She's subjected to nightmares that involve being chased by a big iguana. Why she's suddenly have a phobia to lizards is a mystery to me, since the lizard aliens want her to be on their side, after all. Covert Ops agent Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside) is introduced and he basically takes over the Resistance. He and Donovan are at odds because of incidents from their past.

Robin's half-breed child, who she names Lisabeth, rapidly matures, so that she looks like she's eight years old. And the kid has powers. A priest who is a member of the Resistance kidnaps her and takes her to Diana, hoping that she will be a bridge between the two species and it will stop the war. But Diana kills him and then studies the kid. Eventually enough of the Red Dust is created to chase the Visitors off the planet and it looks like Victory (until the television series).

This second mini-series is not nearly as entertaining as the first, primarily because it's too haphazard and too many things are thrown in. The whole thing with the "Star Child" truly sucks. And I forgot what a bad special effect that lizard baby was--it's basically a latex hand puppet! This all reminds me why I've enjoyed the recent V series so much more...

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