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Deathbeast (1978)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Deathbeast (1978) Author: David GerroldTime Travel hunters from the future arrive in the Cretaceous (one hundred million years ago) to hunt down the biggest predator of them all, a Tyranosaurus Rex, aka 'The Deathbeast'. Although there are two guides to look after the six hunters, they do explain that it's common for some people to be killed during one of these time jaunts. And get killed they do. This is because the most intent of the hunters, a cybernetically enhanced man named Ethab, will do anything to nab a T-Rex, even if it means sacrificing the safety of the other group members.The landscape they find themselves in is desert-like with some alien looking plants. One by one the hunters are killed off, from either inexperience or dumb luck, so that in the end there are only a few of them left alive. They have to return to the spot they appeared, called The Nexus, in a set amount of time-and it's a race for them to make it back. If they miss their ride they are stuck in the past forever-or as long as they'd be able to survive, which would probably be less than a week. The tale was written around the time of the new 'Hot-Blooded Dinosaur' theory, which presents that the dinosaurs were warm blooded, like birds, and were not the lumbering lizards depicted in those old 1950's movies (this theory is now widely accepted-and also that today's birds are the dinsoaurs' descendents). I believe this is the first fiction book to portray the dinosaurs this way.This novel is a good action-packed read and is also remarkably similar to the Rankin-Bass movie THE LAST DINOSAUR, which was made around the same time.

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