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Kona: Monarch Of Monster Isle (1964)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Kona: Monarch Of Monster Isle (1964) This Dell comic book series from the early 60's will appeal to the same fans of TUROK.

Professor Dodds, his daughter and her two kids find themselves stranded on a lost island that's in a huge cavern beneath the South Pacific. There, they befriend the white haired Kona and his Neanderthal people. But they're at war with the Pithecanthropus people. A peace is formed and the professor shows them how to build huts and a village so they don't have to live in dank caves. The ideal place todo this is a big lake but first they have to kill the "father and mother" of all snakes, which are huge. After they slaughter the reptiles they dump their bodies in the lake which has a disastrous side-effect. It begins transforming all of the local wildlife into giants, from frogs to bees to spiders. The biggest problem is the spider. The professor works frantically for an antidote so they won't turn into giants. But it's a battle to the death betwen the giants and the cavemen's domesticated triceratops and T-Rex's. The spider causes a break in the cavern ceiling and the above ocean starts pouring in, covering the island. Huge sharks are then the threat.Kona and the family escape and come across a cavern filled with weird mutants that seem to be unlikely crosses between different animals and they end up fighting the sharks..

Entering another tunnel, they encounter a race of "primitve mongoloids" (they weren't the most politically correct in the 60's) that look like Yeti. Professor Dodds recognizes it as a primitive form of the Mongoloid language and can communiate with them. They say were from the North and the ice flow they were on got sucked down into this hole. Now they make their way out and encounter polar bears, a herd of caribou and even a wolf.Once they get to the surface they find themselves in the North Pole and are attacked by a pack of radioactive wolves that are vicious. It's because of nuclear bomb testing. They manage to defeat them and get the Yeti people relocated. In the meantime, they find an old ship that's been frozen int he ice and take it back down South to the South Pacific. Once there, they come across a tropical island which was also used for nuclear testing. A house cat was left behind and has grown to gigantic proportions. So they must kill it. In the end the Professor manages to drug it so that when it's fighting some sharks it never resurfaces. Once back on their way in the ship the last thing they expect to see is an even bigger creature--a humongous sea serpent!

They defeat the creature, then in the next issue land on an island that's inhabited by giant red ants.

Kona and his companions eventually find themselves back on Monster Isle, but are captured by Captain Krym, who wants to use the place as a hideout for a gang of international criminals. They eventually chase him off, but the villain escapes the authorities. Then, the following issue takes place in civilization, on the West Coast, and they encounter a character named "the mole" and a horde of mutant animals. Then, they go to Egypt and encounter giant apes and mutant hyenas...

This is one jam-packed adventure series! Hopefully this 40 year old series will be reprinted into a collection, like Dark Horse has been doing with TUROK: SON OF STONE.

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