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Slow Death (2003)
Fiction Review by The Undertaker

Slow Death (2003) This real crime sicky was written by Jim Fielder. Slow Death brings you into the sexually sadistic world of New Mexico's David Parker Ray, probably the southwest's sickest resident since the west was won. The book presents the wonderful world of Ray in all its twisted glory. Ray kidnapped, tortured, and murdered an unknown number of women before one poor woman managed to escape and run naked to the nearest trailer park for help. Running naked through a trailer park is nothing new around these parts, but getting away from a man who owned a $100,000 sex and torture chamber he dubbed the 'toy box' is. Once that poor woman exposed David Parker Ray, one of the strangest true-life stories that I've ever read unfolds here. This guy lived in one trailer, but maintained another he used to torture, rape, and make snuff movies of his victims. The 'toy box' was well equipped with tons of torture and restraining devices, gynecological tables, leg spreaders, dildos, and cameras to both capture it all and show it to the victim as it occurred. One huge, menacing dildo in particular he called 'the devil's dick' is mentioned several times here and was used to violate in awful ways. Some of Ray's other interesting hobbies included Satanism, white slavery, extremely twisted sexual drawings, and impregnating his own daughter, a lesbian (gee, wonder why?) who was also convicted of helping dear old dad in his hobbies. The bulk of this book features the details of how he was captured, what they found, and the sick history behind his family and girlfriend. Some gruesomely detailed audiotape transcripts are printed here also. He liked to make audiotapes to play for his victims to help degrade, explain what was going on to them, and torture them further. He used hypnosis at times to brainwash some of his unlucky guest, later releasing them after their ordeals. David Parker preyed mostly on hookers, druggies, teens, and drifters that he and his girlfriend and daughter could corral. His old lady, being as sick and twisted has Ray himself, managed to get jail time too. Given the area, the victims, and the amount of time he spent free, I'm surprised he was ever caught. Then again, how many more sickos like this are still out there. He did brag about being in a satanic cult to many victims, claiming they were to be used as a sex slave by the members. Who knows; all I know is that part of the country sounds like a big shithouse if you ask me. This book kicks ass for a true crime read. I liked the way the trial proceedings at the latter half don't really bog things down as the author keeps gradually revealing more horrible details. This book will leave a bad taste in your mouth (in a good way) and may keep your woman out of reach for months.
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