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Star Trek: Volume 3 (2011)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Star Trek: Volume 3 (2011) These are the continuing, slightly different voyages, of the Star Ship Enterprise, after J.J. Abram's feature version. This time it's The Return of the Archons, which features a more expanded role for Sulu. The Enterprise comes to a planet ruled by Landru--and all the inhabitants speak Federation Standard. You see, a 22nd Century ship, The Archon had landed there and these are all the descendants--but the computer device that is controlling everyone was secretly constructed by the Federation. It was built by a scientist named Cornelius Landru, who wanted to experiment with artificial intelligence and have it control the colony--and this colony built a religion around it. The second story is The Truth About Tribbles, which is a completely different story than the original series. Here, Scotty is beaming a Tribble (which he had gotten from a guy named Jones when he was on Delta Vega) to his nephew on Earth, so see if he can do a long range transport--and it works. Then, he's called to the bridge. They've intercepted a message from the Klingons--and they've beamed technology down to a local planet. The crew investigates--and sees the sea of Tribbles. In the midst of this is a bomb. But why?

A huge creature approaches but it feeds only on the Tribbles, which is probably why they haven't overrun the planet. This is their natural predator. They stop the bomb from going off. But then they get a message from Admiral Pike and he says they have a problem-- the city is overrun byTtribbles, from the one that Scotty had sent to his nephew! Now, how do they get rid of them? This is an entertaining story that adds something different to the staple Star Trek creature. I also liked how the story ended, which ties into something mentioned in the first movie. Let's say it has something to do with Jonathan Archer (Star Trek: Enterprise). So far, this volume is better than the first two collections. Recommended to both fans of the recent Star Trek incarnation and the original series.

Written By Mike Johnson

Art By Stephen Molnar And Claudia Balboni

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