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Tragg And The Sky Gods: Issues #1-8 (1975)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Tragg And The Sky Gods: Issues #1-8 (1975) It begins with a group of golden skinned, green haired humanoid aliens from the planet Yargon landing in ancient Earth in a golden sphere-shaped spaceship. They encounter the primitive Neanderthals-and decide to advance them. The results are Tragg and his mate, red-headed Lorn, who are modern humans. These benevolent aliens leave for their home planet. But there's a revolution there and they are taken over by a more warlike faction, who returns to Earth in hopes of colonizing and making the primitive humans slaves. Tragg and his mate realize the return of their "Gods" is not a good thing, but the tribe blames them for having disappeared to begin with. The second issue has Tragg saving an alien female, Keera from a rampaging carnivorous dinosaur and it changes her view about these "primitives". In fact, she eventually ends up falling for Tragg. And yes, there are dinosaurs-there are still some pockets of land where they've managed to survive, as explained in the opening prose. However, Keera is still a bit wishy-washy with her feelings and loyalties, that is, until evil leader Zorek does something that makes her take sides. Issue #3 has the alien invaders taking residence in an active volcano in order to utilize the thermal power--and they capture Tragg's tribe as slaves to do all the dirty work. Tragg and Lorn manage to rescue a few of them but end up going off to find other humans for help. Meanwhile, the aliens want to increase the productivity of their slaves and do an experiment which crosses a cave-man with a sabre-toothed tiger. Zorek sends this "Sabre-Fang" to hunt down Tragg and his mate and tells Keera as much. He doesn't like that she's been siding with the "Apes". The hybrid does find him but just as it's about to kill Tragg Keera swoops in via jetpack, saves, him and redirects the monster to hunt down Lorn. You see, she wants Tragg for herself. Lorn escapes on a raft, is capsized by a brontosaurus, while the creature pursues. Tragg does after them and ends up trapping it in a tar pit, where it sinks to its death. Keera is really upset at having been rejected and goes to kill them with her laser but stops herself and lets them go. Issue #5 has Keera placed in alien jail for having betrayed her own kind. Tragg and Lorn encounter primitive man-apes who can't make fire and worship the flames as a god. It's in their caverns that he's pitted against an Acrocanthosaurus (remember, author GLUT wrote THE DINOSAUR DICTIONARY!), an allosaurus-type dinosaur. In issue #6 Tragg and Lorn encounter a tribe of humans who use Styracosaurs as mounts. Keera is freed from her jail by an alien male who is in love with her. She flies away with her jet-pack and eventually finds Tragg with this new tribe. She tells them that Lorn is a witch-and the two women fight. Keera almost falls to her death in a spiked pit but Tragg manages to save her. She's grateful-but alone. Issues #7 and #8 have Tragg and the dino-riders rescue his people, which culminates in the alien's volcano hideout exploding after a dinosaur rams some equipment into the molten lava. The "Fire Mountain" is no more but they suspect the aliens will be back to plague them at some point. Issue #8 has the dino-riders leaving, to warn other humans about the Evil sky gods. Keera witnesses the awakening of an ancient Sorcerer, Ostellon. He's given more power by the last remnant of the Dark Gods and can even reanimate dinosaur skeletons. He's given some glimpses of the future-and it's here we see that Tragg's descendants include Dagar the Invincible and Adam Spektor, which is very cool, especially if you're a fan of those other two titles. Tragg fights a group of animated human skeletons and is saved by Keera, then battles a T-Rex skeleton. The evil Ostellon wants Lorn as his mate-but Tragg pushes him over a cliff. He dies and withers away into a skeleton himself. The last panel has Tragg and Lorn, along with their new friend Keera, back with the tribe-and Lorn is drawing some cave paintings of their stories for the benefit of generations yet to come.

The first two issues are drawn by Dagar artist Jesse Santos, with the remaining six issues by Dan Spiegle. Of the three Donald F Glut titles that came out, Tragg was always my favorite. Recommended.

Written By Donald F. Glut

Artwork By Jesse Santos, Dan Spiegle

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