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Turok Son Of Stone: Volume 8 (2011)
Fiction Review by The Gravedigger

Turok Son Of Stone: Volume 8 (2011) In this volume Native Americans Turok and Andar continue to search for a way out of the lost valley they've been trapped in. In the first story a falling star causes a fire, which stampedes some dinosaurs. The crash draws the attention of various tribes, from underground albino "Spider men" to tree living "monkey men" to giants. They all want possession of the crater and fight for it. Of course, this blocks the path of Turok's journey and they're captured to be sacrificed to the "sky god" and promptly escape. The earthquakes that result from crash opens up a fissure in the cliff walls, leading to the outside world-they see it but can't make it out in time before it closes again. Turok thinks it's a good thing because he says they couldn't have let the dinosaurs out into their world.

Next, they have to make way through a forest of carnivorous plants that consume dinosaurs, and then encounter a legendary dinosaur that the cavemen say came from the sky. When they see this gigantic creature in person it's not quite as horrible as described but it is weird, sort of like a mammoth T-Rex covered with fur. It has really large eyes and long grasping arms. They manage to stop its rampage by leading it to quicksand, where it sinks to its death.

One day the duo decide to make a tree house and they are comfortable-and Andar takes a small dinosaur as a pet. But when there's a flood the local cavemen try to take the tree house from them and there's a fight. Andar's pet dies while saving him from a water dwelling monster.

Later, they come upon a desert-like stretch of the valley which causes optical illusions and then make way to mountainous, snow-covered area where small Yeti-like cavemen dwell. They aren't friendly. Unfortunately they can't see a way out of the valley from the peak. They then get the inspired idea to capture a Pteranodon and train it to carry them out of the valley. It only manages to get them to a higher cliff top. Here, they are chased by a duck billed dinosaur until a T-Rex shows up and attacks it. They encounter a few more carnivorous monsters on their escape and manage to capture the Pteranodon again. The winged dinosaur goes the wrong way and drops them back into the valley, where they started from. Turok is positive about the experience, saying "if we had not made this dangerous attempt, we would always be wondering whether this might not have been the way by which we could have finally escaped from Lost Valley.

In the last story they stumble across a dinosaur frozen in a lake. It looks like a cross between a T-Rex and an Ankylosaur. It's pretty much unstoppable when it awakens. When Turok and Andar discover its eggs they destroy them, preventing these monsters from overtaking the valley.

All the stories here are entertaining and the author has the two trying some different things to escape their predicament, which keeps things interesting. However, because these tales were written in the 60's there's an overabundance of the five typical dinosaurs- T-Rex, Stegosaurs, Triceratops, Pteranodons and Plesiosaurs, which gets a little redundant. I suppose that's why there's a few weird dinosaurs in this collection-the creators were getting tired of them, too! Reprints issues 44-50

Written By Paul S. Newman

Illustrated By Alberto Giolitti

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