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Blade (1998)
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Blade (1998) Blade, along with his life-long friend Whistler battle vampires. Blade was born of a mother bitten by a vampire, he possesses all their strengths and none of their weaknesses. He is known as the day walker because sunlight does not affect him. With the addition of a new ally, Dr. Karen Jenson, Blade endeavors to prevent the evil Frost from unleashing the blood god upon the world.

Movie Tagline:
The power of an immortal. The soul of a human. The heart of a hero.

Also Known As:
the Vampire Slayer

Title: Blade
Release Date: August 19, 1998
Runtime: 120 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Languages: English, Russian
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS-Stereo
IMDB Rating: 7.0
Buried.com Rating: 8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With B

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for strong, pervasive vampire violence and gore, language, and brief sexuality.

Stephen Norrington

Wesley Snipes ...Blade
Stephen Dorff ...Deacon Frost
Kris Kristofferson ...Whistler
N'Bushe Wright ...Karen
Donal Logue ...Quinn
Udo Kier ...Dragonetti
Arly Jover ...Mercury
Traci Lords ...Racquel
Kevin Patrick Walls ...Krieger
Tim Guinee ...Curtis Webb
Sanaa Lathan ...Vanessa
Eric Edwards ...Pearl
Donna Wong ...Nurse
Carmen Thomas ...Senior Resident
Shannon Lee ...Resident
Kenny Johnson ...Heatseeking Dennis
Clint Curtis ...Creepy Morgue Guy
Judson Earney Scott ...Pallantine (as Judson Scott)
Sidney S. Liufau ...Japanese Doorman (as Sidney Liufau)
Keith Leon Williams ...Kam
Andray Johnson ...Paramedic
Stephen R. Peluso ...Paramedic
Marcus Aurelius ...Pragmatic Policeman
John Enos III ...Blood Club Bouncer
Eboni 'Chrystal' Adams ...Martial Arts Kid (as Eboni Adams)
Lyle Conway ...Reichardt
Freeman White ...Menacing Stud (as Freeman White III)
D.V. DeVincentis ...Vampire Underling
Marcus Salgado ...Frost's Goon
Esau McKnight Jr. ...Frost's Goon

» [more cast members]

Avi Arad
Joseph Calamari
Jon Divens
Robert Engelman
Peter Frankfurt
Lynn Harris
Andrew J. Horne
Stan Lee
Wesley Snipes
Michael De Luca

David S. Goyer

Mark Isham

Blade Horror Film Trailer 1

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Confusion (Pump Panel Recon Mix)"
"Bad Moon Rising"
"Ah Singapore"
"Dig This Vibe"
"Playing With Lightning"
"Dealing with the Roster"

More Movie Taglines:
  • The power of an immortal. The soul of a human. The heart of a hero.
  • Against an army of immortals, one warrior must draw first blood.
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Sometimes it takes one to kill one.
  • Have you given blood lately?
  • Part Man. Part Vampire. All Hero.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Dr. Karen Jenson: You used me as bait? Blade: Get over it.
  • Deacon Frost: You may wake up one day and find yourself extinct.
  • Whistler: Christ! I'm too old for this! Somebody get me a goddamn wheelchair!
  • Quinn: I'm gonna be naughty! I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god!
  • Dr. Karen Jenson: How'd you get that scar, Deacon? A born vampire would have the power to regenerate from birth. You must've gotten scarred before you were turned. Isn't that right? Vampires like you aren't a species. You're just infected, a virus, a sexually transmitted dis... Deacon Frost: I'll tell you what we are, sister! We're the top of the fucking food chain. The Blood god's coming and after tonight, you people are fucking history. He's a hurricane. An act of God. Anyone caught in his path will instantly be turned. Everyone you've ever known... everyone you've ever fucking loved... it won't matter who's pureblood and who's not. How you gonna cure the whole fucking world? Hm? And Blade's blood is the key. Guard: We've got an intruder.
Movie Trivia:
  • LL Cool J was originally considered for the part of Blade.
  • Donal Logue reinjured his jaw in the scene where he is struggling with N'Bushe Wright in the hospital. He had originally broken his jaw in a motorcycle accident years before.
  • A great many handheld shots were accomplished with a special anamorphic-lens camera that also had single-unit sound - the only one of its kind in the world.
  • In the scene where Blade is chased to the subway, and the subway train is passing by, all the passengers are cardboard cutouts with the special FX man among them.
  • Blade's silently-mouthed "What... the... fuck?" is a direct reference to the "A Fistful of Yen" segment from The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977).
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

Vampire, Blade, Blood, Revenge, Vampire Hunter  ...[more]

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