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Buck Rogers (1939)
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Buck Rogers (1939) Buck Rogers and Buddy Wade are in the middle of a trans-polar dirigible flight when they are caught in a blizzard and crash. Buddy then releases a special gas to keep them in suspended animation until a rescue party can arrive. However, an avalanche covers the craft and the two are in suspended animation for 500 years. When they are found, they awake to find out that the world has been taken over by the outlaw army of Killer Kane. Along with Lieutenant Wilma Deering, Buck and Buddy join in the fight to overthrow Kane and with the help of Prince Tallen of Saturn and his forces, they eventually do and Earth is free of Kane's grip.

Movie Tagline:
Original cartoon strip by Dick Calkins and Phil Nolan

Also Known As:
Buck Rogers Conquers the Universe
Buck Rogers: Destination Saturn

Title: Buck Rogers
Release Date: February 06, 1939
Runtime: 237 mins
Genre: Adventure
All Genres: Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.6
Buried.com Rating: 8.6 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With B

MPAA Rating: Approved

Ford Beebe
Saul A. Goodkind

Buster Crabbe ...Buck Rogers (as Larry 'Buster' Crabbe)
Constance Moore ...Wilma Deering
Jackie Moran ...George 'Buddy' Wade
Jack Mulhall ...Captain Rankin
Anthony Warde ...Killer Kane
C. Montague Shaw ...Professor Huer
Guy Usher ...Aldar
William Gould ...Air Marshal Kragg
Philson Ahn ...Prince Tallen
Henry Brandon ...Captain Laska
Wheeler Oakman ...Lieutenant Patten
Kenne Duncan ...Lieutenant Lacy (as Kenneth Duncan)
Carleton young ...Scott
Reed Howes ...Captain Roberts
Wade Boteler ...Professor Wade
Al Bridge ...Dynamo Room Floor Guard
Roy Butler ...Control Officer
Eddy Chandler ...Captain of Dirigible [Ch. 1]
Lane Chandler ...Army official at Wade's lab
Russ Clark ...Lt. Carson [Chs. 10-11]
Frank Ellis ...Kane Soldier
Jack Gardner ...Prof. Huer's Lab Assistant
Karl Hackett ...Councillor Krenko
Kenneth Harlan ...Reporter at Wade's Lab
John Harmon ...Hidden City Air Controller
Ben Lewis ...Cell Guard [Ch. 10]
Theodore Lorch ...Kane's Council Member
Eddie Parker ...Council-Room Guard
Stanley Price ...Captain Martin / Zugg Man
David Sharpe ...Kane Pilot / Hidden City Sentry / Saturnian Lieutenant...

» [more cast members]

Barney A. Sarecky

Dick Calkins
Norman S. Hall
Philip Francis Nowlan
Ray Trampe

More Movie Taglines:
  • Original cartoon strip by Dick Calkins and Phil Nolan
  • Based on the Buck Rogers newspaper feature owned and copyrighted by John F. Dille Co. (original posters)
  • You followed Buck Rogers adventures in the newspapers! You heard him on the radio! Now SEE HIM for the time in the most fantastic adventures ever filmed!
  • AMAZING EXPLOITS OF DEATH-DEFYING DARING!...Zooming from planet to planet in spark-sputtering space ships! Battling human robots! Conquering new worlds!
  • BUCK ROGERS BATTLES INVASION FROM FOREIGN PLANETS!...Space ships exploded by giant ray machines! Mountains crumbled by disintegrating machines!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Voiceover: From somewhere in the skies above us come, from time to time, flaming discs and weird phenomena. What are they? Whence have they come?
  • Professor Huer: By means of a gas discovered by Professor Morgan, these two people have remained in suspended animation for five hundred years. Buck Rogers: Five hundred years? George 'Buddy' Wade: That makes me old enough to be my own great grandfather.
  • Buck Rogers: I don't understand, sir. Who is this man called Killer Kane? Professor Huer: He is the result of the stupidity of the men of your century. You failed to stamp out lawlessness and in the end the criminal became stronger than the law.
  • Killer Kane: And you are the men I made counsellors of Earth? I would be better served by this Buck Rogers who walked through your men as if they were children.
  • George 'Buddy' Wade: I wouldn't call Dr. Huer exactly handsome, but I sure would give a lot to see his face right now. Buck Rogers: [laughs] I bet you would Buddy.
Movie Trivia:
  • The bullet cars used in the movie were the same ones used in Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars (1938).
  • Much of the background music was originally used in Bride of Frankenstein (1935).
  • In the original comic strip, Buck Rogers is actually a former World War One pilot who was working as a mine surveyor at the time he came to fall into his long (500 years long) sleep. For some reason, the regulations would not allow the screenwriters to use the comic strip's continuity, so the serial is actually a completely original story with the comic strip characters added.
  • The character of Killer Kane was changed, too: in the original strip, his real name was Oba Kane, he had a twin brother named Nova and a pistol called "Baby". He also had a girlfriend named Ardala Valmar. The regulations would not allow any of this background to be used, either: instead, Oba "Killer" Kane is presented as the despotic ruler of a future Earth.
  • Buster Crabbe was not actually the first actor to play Buck Rogers physically. That honour goes to an unknown man who played Buck in a Virginia department store, instead of that store's regular Santa Claus.
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» More information at imdb.com

Suspended Animation, Blizzard, Outlaw, Saturn, B Movie  ...[more]

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