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Constantine (2005)
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Constantine (2005) John Constantine is the exorcist who has been to Hell and back, and whose soul is sentenced to hell. He has been deporting demons to get on good terms with God, yet God wants self-sacrifice. After the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, detective Angela Dodson goes out in search of the truth. Together, Constantine and Angela battle the demons on Earth.

Movie Tagline:
Hell wants him. Heaven won't take him. Earth needs him.

Also Known As:
John Constantine: Hellblazer

Title: Constantine
Release Date: February 16, 2005
Runtime: 121 mins
Genre: Fantasy
All Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Languages: English, Filipino, Tagalog
Country: USA, Germany
Colors: Color
Sound: DTS, Dolby Digital, SDDS
IMDB Rating: 6.7
Buried.com Rating: 7.7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With C

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for violence and demonic images.

Francis Lawrence

Keanu Reeves ...John Constantine
Rachel Weisz ...Angela Dodson / Isabel Dodson
Shia LaBeouf ...Chas Kramer
Djimon Hounsou ...Midnite
Max Baker ...Beeman
Pruitt Taylor Vince ...Father Hennessy
Gavin Rossdale ...Balthazar
Tilda Swinton ...Gabriel
Peter Stormare ...Satan
Jesse Ramirez ...Scavenger
Jose Zuniga ...Detective Weiss (as Jose Zuniga)
Francis Guinan ...Father Garret
Larry Cedar ...Vermin Man
April Grace ...Dr. Leslie Archer
Suzanne Whang ...Mother
Jhoanna Trias ...Possessed Girl
Alice Lo ...Old Woman
Nicholas Downs ...Church Attendant
Tanoai Reed ...Midnite Bouncer
Quinn Buniel ...10 year-Old Constantine
Ann Ryerson ...Old Woman on Bus
Stephanie Fabian ...Molly's Server
Connor Dylan Wryn ...Teenage Constantine
Laz Alonso ...Morgue Security Guard
Jeremy Ray Valdez ...Liquor Store Clerk Nico
Jose Molina ...Scavenger #2
Barbara Pilavin ...Old Woman on Bus - Demon
C.W. Pyun ...Korean man
Sharon Omi ...Female Tenant
Edward J. Rosen ...Liquor Store Clerk

» [more cast members]

Gilbert Adler
Michael Aguilar
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Akiva Goldsman
Cherylanne Martin
Josh McLaglen
Benjamin Melniker
Lauren Shuler Donner
Erwin Stoff
Michael E. Uslan

Jamie Delano
Garth Ennis
Kevin Brodbin
Kevin Brodbin
Frank A. Cappello

Klaus Badelt
Brian Tyler

Constantine Horror Film Trailer 1
Constantine Horror Film Trailer 2

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Los Recuerdos del Troquero"
"Take Five"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Hell wants him. Heaven won't take him. Earth needs him.
  • The wager between heaven and hell is on Earth
Movie Quote(s):
  • John Constantine: Angels and Demons can't cross over onto our plane. So, instead we get what I call half-breeds. The influence peddlers. They can only whisper in our ears. But a single word can give you courage, or turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare. Those with the demon's touch like those part angel, living alongside us. They call it the balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit.
  • John Constantine: So when a half-breed breaks the rules, I deport their sorry ass straight back to hell. I don't get them all, but I've been hoping to get enough to ensure my... retirement. Angela Dodson: I don't understand. John Constantine: I'm a suicide, Angela. When I die, the rules say I've got just one place to go... Angela Dodson: You're trying to buy your way into heaven. John Constantine: What would *you* do if you were sentenced to a prison where half the inmates were put there by you?
  • Satan: Hello, John. John, hello. You're the one soul I would come up here to collect myself. [claps giddily] John Constantine: So I've heard.
  • John Constantine: They have the Spear of Destiny. Satan: [mocking him] "They have the Spear of Destiny!" [becomes serious, leans in] Satan: Or is it another one of your cons? John Constantine: Go look for yourself. [Satan hesitates] John Constantine: You've waited twenty years for me, Lu. What's another twenty seconds?
  • Satan: Sonny, I've got a whole theme park full of red delights for you. John Constantine: Aren't you a peach?
Movie Trivia:
  • Peter Stormare originally auditioned for the role of Balthazar.
  • It was really Rachel Weisz in the scene where her character flies backwards through the building. This was achieved by suspending her a few meters high by pulling her vertically. The image is turned 90 degrees in the movie, giving the effect that she is actually pulled back horizontally. The shooting was quite painful. The surrounding office was a miniature, not generated on computer, to achieve the scene.
  • A life-size replica of Rachel Weisz was made and used as the corpse of Angela Dodson's twin sister Isabel who committed a suicide.
  • Originally, Tarsem Singh was attached to direct with Nicolas Cage to star. However, the director said that "With Cage, I can not make the film I had wanted to". Soon after Singh left the picture, Cage did as well.
  • In the comic book "Hellblazer" on which the movie is based, the character of John Constantine is from Liverpool, and is drawn to look like the singer Sting. In the movie, the character is from Los Angeles. It is widely believed that the change was made specifically for Keanu Reeves. The truth is the original script retained his nationality but got no response from producers. So the writer changed him to an American and the script quickly gained attention.
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Hell, Demon, Twin Sister, Suicide, Twin  ...[more]

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