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Damien: Omen II (1978)
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Damien: Omen II (1978) Seven years later, 13-year-old Damien is just discovering who he really is, and what he is destined to do. Now living with his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin in a wealthy suburb of Chicago, Damien is anxious to inherit everything. Can Richard Thorn finish the job that Damien's father (Ambassador Thorn) started?

Movie Tagline:
The first time was only a warning.

Title: Damien: Omen II
Release Date: June 05, 1978
Runtime: 107 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: 4-Track Stereo
IMDB Rating: 6.0
Buried.com Rating: 7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With D

MPAA Rating: R

Don Taylor
Mike Hodges

William Holden ...Richard Thorn
Lee Grant ...Ann Thorn
Jonathan Scott Taylor ...Damien Thorn
Robert Foxworth ...Paul Buher
Nicholas Pryor ...Charles Warren
Lew Ayres ...Bill Atherton
Sylvia Sidney ...Aunt Marion
Lance Henriksen ...Sergeant Neff
Elizabeth Shepherd ...Joan Hart
Lucas Donat ...Mark Thorn
Allan Arbus ...Pasarian (as Alan Arbus)
Fritz Ford ...Murray
Meshach Taylor ...Dr. Kane
John J. Newcombe ...Teddy
John Charles Burns ...Butler
Paul Cook ...Colonel
Diane Daniels ...Jane
Robert E. Ingham ...Teacher
William B. Fosser ...Minister
Corney Morgan ...Greenhouse Technician
Russell P. Delia ...Truck Driver
Judith Dowd ...Maid
Thomas O. Erhart Jr. ...Sergeant #1
Sorin Serene Pricopie ...Pasarian's Assistant (as Sorin Pricopie)
Robert J. Jones Jr. ...Tour Guide
Rusdi Lane ...Jim Gardner
Charles Mountain ...Burial Priest
Cornelia Sanders ...young Girl
Felix Shuman ...Dr. Fiedler
James Spinks ...Technician #1

» [more cast members]

Harvey Bernhard
Joseph Lenzi
Charles Orme

Harvey Bernhard
David Seltzer
Stanley Mann
Mike Hodges

Jerry Goldsmith

Damien: Omen II Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • The first time was only a warning.
  • These eyes will follow you wherever you go and you will experience a new dimension of fear.
  • These eyes will follow you wherever you go and your nightmares will become a frightening reality.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Richard Thorn: Ann, give me the daggers! Ann Thorn: [stabs him with the daggers] There are your daggers! Richard Thorn: Ann? Ann Thorn: I've always belonged to him! [Richard falls dead as Ann lets out a primal scream] Ann Thorn: Damien!
  • [last title card] Title card: For such are false apostles. Deceitful workers whom lie and transform themselves to look like real apostles of Christ. II Corinthians, Chapter 11, Verse 13.
  • [Damien has just seen the Mark of the Beast on his scalp, indicating he is the Antichrist. He runs out of the Academy building] Damien Thorn: [shouting] Why? Why me?
  • Damien Thorn: Why are you running away from me, Mark? Mark Thorn: I know who you are. Damien Thorn: You do?
  • Damien Thorn: I love you, Mark. You're like my brother. Mark Thorn: No! No! Damien Thorn: You are my brother. And you mean more to me than... Mark Thorn: No! The Beast has no brother! Don't call me your brother!
Movie Trivia:
  • Don Taylor replaced director Mike Hodges as a result of creative differences. However, the few scenes Hodges directed were kept, like the scenes at the factory and at the military school, and also the dinner where Aunt Marion shows her concern about Damien.
  • William Holden was the original choice to star in the first film, The Omen (1976), but turned it down as he did not want to star in a picture about the devil. Gregory Peck was selected as his replacement. "The Omen" went on to become a huge hit and Holden made sure he did not turn down the part in this sequel.
  • The Thorn Mansion is the Lake Forest Academy (formerly the Armour Estate) in Lake Forest, Illinois. All exteriors had to be shot in the back garden of the academy/estate because the school had erected a very modern structure in front of the old estate.
  • The cadets at the military academy were real students at the Lake Geneva, Wisconsin military academy the film was shooting at.
  • When Harvey Bernhard had finished writing the script and was given the green light to start the production, the first person he contacted was Jerry Goldsmith because of the composer's busy schedule. Bernhard also felt that Goldsmith's music for The Omen (1976) was the highest point of that movie, and that without Goldsmith's music this sequel would never be successful.
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Uncle, 13 Year Old, Antichrist, Aunt, Satan  ...[more]

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