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Dark Star (1974)
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Dark Star (1974) The crew of the Dark Star are on a 20 year mission to clear a path in space by destroying planets that are in the way of navigation routes. After a series of mishaps Mother, the ships computer, can no longer persuade Bomb not to detonate. Even the dead captain is of little help in arguing with Bomb who is bound to do his duty.

Movie Tagline:
What would you be like after 20 years aboard DARK STAR the spaced-out spaceship. The ultimate cosmic comedy!

Title: Dark Star
Release Date: April , 1974
Runtime: 83 mins
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.6
Buried.com Rating: 7.6 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With D

MPAA Rating: G

John Carpenter

Brian Narelle ...Lt. Doolittle
Cal Kuniholm ...Boiler
Dre Pahich ...Talby
Dan O'Bannon ...Sgt. Pinback
Adam Beckenbaugh ...Bomb #20
Nick Castle ...Alien
Cookie Knapp ...Computer / 'Mother'
Joe Saunders ...Commander Powell
Alan Sheretz ...Bomb #19
Miles Watkins ...Watkins - Mission Control

John Carpenter
J. Stein Kaplan
Jack H. Harris

John Carpenter
Dan O'Bannon

John Carpenter

Dark Star Horror Film Trailer 1

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Benson Arizona"

More Movie Taglines:
  • What would you be like after 20 years aboard DARK STAR the spaced-out spaceship. The ultimate cosmic comedy!
  • Bombed out in space with a spaced-out bomb!
  • They're not lost in space, they're loose!
Movie Quote(s):
  • [Doolittle convinces the bomb not to explode] Doolittle: Hello, Bomb? Are you with me? Bomb #20: Of course. Doolittle: Are you willing to entertain a few concepts? Bomb #20: I am always receptive to suggestions. Doolittle: Fine. Think about this then. How do you know you exist? Bomb #20: Well, of course I exist. Doolittle: But how do you know you exist? Bomb #20: It is intuitively obvious. Doolittle: Intuition is no proof. What concrete evidence do you have that you exist? Bomb #20: Hmmmm... well... I think, therefore I am. Doolittle: That's good. That's very good. But how do you know that anything else exists? Bomb #20: My sensory apparatus reveals it to me. This is fun.
  • [Pinback wants the bomb to disarm] Pinback: All right, bomb. Prepare to receive new orders. Bomb#20: You are false data. Pinback: Hmmm? Bomb #20: Therefore I shall ignore you. Pinback: Hello... bomb? Bomb #20: False data can act only as a distraction. Therefore, I shall refuse to perceive. Pinback: Hey, bomb? Bomb #20: The only thing that exists is myself. Pinback: Snap out of it, bomb.
  • Pinback: [making video diary entry] I do not like the men on this spaceship. They are uncouth and fail to appreciate my better qualities. I have something of value to contribute to this mission if they would only recognize it. Today over lunch I tried to improve morale and build a sense of camaraderie among the men by holding a humorous, round-robin discussion of the early days of the mission. My overtures were brutally rejected. These men do not want a happy ship. They are deeply sick and try to compensate by making me feel miserable. Last week was my birthday. Nobody even said "happy birthday" to me. Someday this tape will be played and then they'll feel sorry.
  • Bomb#20: In the beginning, there was darkness. And the darkness was without form, and void. Boiler: What the hell is he talking about? Bomb#20: And in addition to the darkness there was also me. And I moved upon the face of the darkness. And I saw that I was alone. Let there be light.
  • Pinback: [to the alien] When I brought you on this ship, I thought you were cute.
Movie Trivia:
  • The Playboy posters are blurred in the bedroom scene, although the bedroom scene is not in all versions of the movie.
  • The actor who played "Talby" had a heavy accent; eventually all of his dialogue was re-dubbed, allegedly by John Carpenter himself.
  • The bombs are made from an HO scale piggyback trailer kit and parts of 1/25th scale model car kits; "Matra", the name of the car, can be seen on some parts in some shots.
  • Sergeant Pinback's video diary is an 8-track tape and the machine he uses to read it and record it is a microfiche reader.
  • A computer screen flashes "FUCK YOU HARRIS" during the film. This was to Jack H. Harris, the producer, who annoyed director John Carpenter during filming and this was his revenge.
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

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