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Dredd (2012)
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Dredd (2012) In the vast, post-apocalyptic metropolis of Mega City One on America's east coast, the only law is provided by the Judges of the Hall of Justice - cops with the power of judge, jury and executioner. Most feared among these law-keepers is the ruthless and implacable Judge Dredd (Karl Urban). More and more of the inhabitants of Mega City One are addicted to a drug that alters the brain's perception of time: Slo-Mo. While assigned to train and evaluate Cadet Judge Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), Dredd is called to instigate a crime in Peach Trees, the notorious high-rise slum tower controlled by former prostitute-turned-drug-lord, Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) and her clan. The Judges capture one of the clan's senior members and Ma-Ma locks down the tower, leaving Dredd and Anderson with a choice: escape the slum with their prisoner or climb to the top of the tower to capture Ma-Ma and judge her as well.

Movie Tagline:
Judgment is coming

Also Known As:

Title: Dredd
Release Date: July 11, 2012
Runtime: 95 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: UK, USA, India, South Africa
Colors: Color
Sound: Datasat, Dolby Digital
IMDB Rating: 7.0
Buried.com Rating: 8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With D

MPAA Rating: R

MPAA Rating Reason:
Rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content

Pete Travis

Karl Urban ...Judge Dredd
Rachel Wood ...Control Operator 1
Andile Mngadi ...Passenger
Porteus Xandau ...Driver
Jason Cope ...Zwirner
Emma Breschi ...Hostage
Olivia Thirlby ...Cassandra Anderson
Rakie Ayola ...Chief Judge
Lena Headey ...Madeline Madrigal 'Ma-Ma'
Tamer Burjaq ...Ma-Ma Bodyguard
Warrick Grier ...Caleb
Wood Harris ...Kay
Shoki Mokgapa ...Woman with Child
Yohan Chun ...Girl in Window
Eden Knowles ...Girl in Window
Desmond Lai Lan ...Homeless Man
Deobia Oparei ...Paramedic TJ
Patrick Lyster ...Control Operator 2
Travis Snyders ...Slo-Mo Junkie
Chad Phillips ...Slo-Mo Junkie
Domhnall Gleeson ...Clan Techie
Joe Vaz ...Big Joe
Scott Sparrow ...Japhet
Martin Kintu ...Big Joe Gang Member
Nicole Bailey ...Cathy
Daniel Hadebe ...Judge at Entrance
Francis Chouler ...Judge at Entrance
Junior Singo ...Amos
Luke Tyler ...Freel
Langley Kirkwood ...Judge Lex

» [more cast members]

Michael Elson
Stuart Ford
Alex Garland
Chris Kingsley
Jason Kingsley
Andrew Macdonald
Michael S. Murphey
Deepak Nayar
Allon Reich
Adi Shankar
Joanne Smith
John Wagner

John Wagner
Carlos Ezquerra
Alex Garland

Paul Leonard Morgan

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Dredd Horror Film Trailer 3

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Jubilee (Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around)"
"Poison Lips"
"Pontiac Moon"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Judgment is coming
Movie Trivia:
  • Duncan Jones was offered the film, but turned it down, not because he didn't like the Alex Garland script (Jones said it was great), but because he had such a strong idea of what he wanted to do with a Dredd movie, that he felt he could not bring himself to take it on and not do it his way.
  • Unlike the previous Judge Dredd movie, Karl Urban has confirmed that the helmet will never come off to keep true to the comic book character.
  • Michael Biehn auditioned for the lead role.
  • The Peach Tree block is named after a restaurant in Shrewsbury, the place where screenwriter Alex Garland and Judge Dredd creator John Wagner first met to discuss the film.
  • Judge Joe Dredd is a fictional character whose comic strip in the British science fiction anthology 2000 AD is the magazine's longest running, having been featured there since its second issue in 1977. Dredd is a law enforcement officer in a violent North American city of the future where uniformed Judges combine the powers of police, judge, jury and executioner. Dredd and his fellow Judges are empowered to arrest, sentence, and even execute criminals on the spot. The character was created by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra, although editor Pat Mills also deserves some credit for early development.
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

judge, drugs, jury, rookie, future  ...[more]

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