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Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990)
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Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) yesterday it was rural Kingston Falls. Today it's the Big Apple -- and lots of wild, anarchic comedy -- because a new batch of mischievous green meanies is on the loose. We told you. Remember the rules. you didn't listen. Now you'll have to face up to the hilarious consequences.

Movie Tagline:
Take Your Batch to See the New Batch.

Also Known As:
Gremlins 2

Title: Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Release Date: June 15, 1990
Runtime: 106 mins
Genre: Comedy
All Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: 70 mm 6-Track, Dolby SR
IMDB Rating: 6.0
Buried.com Rating: 7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With G

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Joe Dante

Zach Galligan ...Billy Peltzer
Phoebe Cates ...Kate Beringer
John Glover ...Daniel Clamp
Robert Prosky ...Grandpa Fred
Robert Picardo ...Forster
Christopher Lee ...Doctor Catheter
Haviland Morris ...Marla Bloodstone
Dick Miller ...Murray Futterman
Jackie Joseph ...Sheila Futterman
Gedde Watanabe ...Mr. Katsuji
Keye Luke ...Mr. Wing
Kathleen Freeman ...Microwave Marge
Don Stanton ...Martin
Dan Stanton ...Lewis
Shawn Nelson ...Wally
Archie Hahn ...Forster's Technician
Leslie Neale ...Forster's Technician
Ron Fassler ...Forster's Technician
Time Winters ...Forster's Technician
Heather Haase ...yogurt Jerk
Jason Presson ...Alex the yogurt Jerk
Lisa Mende ...yogurt Customer
Patrika Darbo ...yogurt Customer
Jerry Goldsmith ...yogurt Customer
Rick Ducommun ...Clamp Center Security Guard
John Capodice ...Fire Chief
Belinda Balaski ...Movie Theatre Mom
Nicky Rose ...Movie Theatre Kid
Paul Bartel ...Theatre Manager
Kenneth Tobey ...Projectionist

» [more cast members]

Rick Baker
Michael Finnell
Kathleen Kennedy
Frank Marshall
Steven Spielberg

Chris Columbus
Charles S. Haas

Jerry Goldsmith

Gremlins 2: The New Batch Horror Film Trailer 1

Movie Soundtrack(s):

More Movie Taglines:
  • Take Your Batch to See the New Batch.
  • Here they grow again.
  • We warned you. Remember the rules. You didn't listen.
Movie Quote(s):
  • Peggy, the Lab Receptionist: Dr. Catheter, this just came for you. Dr. Catheter: Ah, splendid. This must be my malaria. [sees it's not] Dr. Catheter: Rabies. I've got rabies, and I'm supposed to get the flu this week. Peggy, the Lab Receptionist: I think we have the flu out on back order. [sneezes into tissue] Dr. Catheter: May I have that Peggy? Peggy, the Lab Receptionist: Sure. Dr. Catheter: Thank you. [stuffs it into his pocket; muttering to himself] Dr. Catheter: Back order, back order. All a man wants is some fresh germs!
  • Leonard Maltin: Ow. I was just kidding. Ah. It's a ten. It's a ten.
  • Dr. Catheter: All they have to do is to eat three or four children and there'd be the most appalling publicity.
  • Grandpa Fred: [interviewing Brain Gremlin] Creature what is it that you want? Brain Gremlin: Fred, what we want is, I think, what everyone wants, and what you and your viewers have: civilization. Grandpa Fred: Yes, but what sort of civilization are you speaking of? Brain Gremlin: The niceties, Fred. The fine points: diplomacy, compassion, standards, manners, tradition... that's what we're reaching toward. Oh, we may stumble along the way, but civilization, yes. The Geneva Convention, chamber music, Susan Sontag. Everything your society has worked so hard to accomplish over the centuries, that's what we aspire to; we want to be civilized. [a Gremlin with a beanie cap acts goofy next to Brain] Brain Gremlin: You take a look at this fellow here. [Brain shoots the Gremlin in the head. The Gremlins in the bar laugh. Grandpa Fred and Kujitsu leave] Brain Gremlin: Now, was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, but in no sense civilized. Now, bear in mind, none of us has been in New York before. There are the Broadway shows - we'll have to find out how to get tickets. There's also a lot of street crime, but I believe we can watch that for free. We want the essentials. Dinettes. Complete bedroom groups. Convenient credit, even though we've been turned down in the past.
  • Forster: This is a complete failure of management!
Movie Trivia:
  • Joe Dante told Cahiers du Cinéma in 1990, that Warner Bros. opened this movie directly opposite Dick Tracy (1990) in an attempt to keep the box-office record set by Batman (1989) from being broken.
  • Suggested by Jonathan Kaplan, Joe Dante hired Charles S. Haas to write the screenplay.
  • After Gremlins (1984) became such a surprise success, Warner Bros. immediately wanted a sequel, but director Joe Dante had had enough Gremlins for a while and declined. Work on Gremlins 2 proceeded without him, as the studio approached various directors and writers. Storylines considered included sending the gremlins to cities like Las Vegas or even the planet Mars. After these ideas fell through, the studio finally asked Dante again, who agreed on the condition that he be allowed to do anything he wanted. He also received a bigger budget. In the DVD commentaries for both the original film and the sequel, Dante stated that he felt that Gremlins 2 was a case of waiting too long to capitalize on the success of the original, which hurt the sequel's chances of success.
  • For the special effects, Joe Dante turned to Rick Baker when Chris Walas and Rob Bottin had to turn it down. Initially, Baker was not interested as he saw this movie as too much work for a project in which he would not be the creator but rather a successor to Walas. He was eventually persuaded to accept the job when it was suggested he could make the Gremlins and Mogwai more diverse.
  • Aside from Mohawk, the other three Mogwai created from Gizmo are called George, Lenny, and Daffy (the first two referring to John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice And Men", the latter referring to Daffy Duck).
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