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Indestructible Man (1956)
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Indestructible Man (1956) "Butcher" Benton goes to his death in the state prison, cursing the three men who double-crossed him following an armored-car hold-up; "Squeamy" Ellis, Joe Marcelli and Paul Lowe, his attorney and leader of the gang. He vows to return and kill them and dies without revealing the location of the stolen money. Detective Chasen is determined to keep working on the case until the stolen loot is recovered. Benton's body is taken to Professor Bradshaw and his assistant for experimentation, and they manage to restore him to life, making him practically indestructible in the process. He takes off after the three men, getting rid of everybody who stands in his way. He is impervious to police bullets. He kills Ellis and Marcelli, while Lowe seeks police protection. Benton takes to the sewers to recover the hidden loot and the police are powerless to stop him.

Movie Tagline:
300,000 Volts of Horror!

Title: Indestructible Man
Release Date: March 25, 1956
Runtime: 70 mins
Genre: Crime
All Genres: Crime, Sci-Fi, Horror
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 3.1
Buried.com Rating: 4.1 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With I

MPAA Rating: Approved

Jack Pollexfen

Lon Chaney Jr. ...Charles 'Butcher' Benton (as Lon Chaney)
Max Showalter ......
Marian Carr ...Eva Martin (as Marion Carr)
Ross Elliott ...Paul Lowe, Attorney
Stuart Randall ...Police Lt. John Lauder
Ken Terrell ...Joe Marcelli (as Kenneth Terrell)
Marjorie Stapp ...Hysterical young woman
Robert Shayne ...Prof. Bradshaw
Peggy Maley ...Francine (blonde stripper)
Robert Foulk ...Harry (bar owner)
Rita Green ...Carney's 'bait'
Roy Engel ...Desk sergeant (as Roy Engle)
Madge Cleveland ...Old frump in bar
Ann Doran ...Police Dispatcher (edited from He Walked By Night...
Marvin Ellis ...Squeamy Ellis
Joe Flynn ...Bradshaw's assistant
Dorothy Ford ...Tall stripper
Eddie Marr ...Carney, Con Man
Harlan Warde ...Police Dispatcher (edited from He Walked by Night...

Jack Pollexfen

Vy Russell
Sue Dwiggins

Albert Glasser

More Movie Taglines:
  • 300,000 Volts of Horror!
  • The scream that shocks the screen with 300,000 volts of horror! Inhuman! Invincible! Inescapable!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Paul Lowe, Attorney: Well that's it, Butcher. The evidence against you is so strong, the governor turned down your appeal. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: You're a rotten liar, Lowe. You started railroading me from the beginning of the trial. And now you're still trying to throw me curves. Paul Lowe, Attorney: Look, I don't blame you for being edgy but get this straight. I didn't doublecross you. I never worked harder for a client. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: You mean you never worked harder for a client to get him sentenced. Paul Lowe, Attorney: You're a fool, Butcher. If you hadn't tried to doublecross Squeamy Ellis and Joe Marcelli, they wouldn't have turned state's evidence against you. But you had to get greedy, you wanted to keep the whole $600,000 for yourself. And the boys got sore and I don't blame them. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: It was all your idea. You planned the whole job. You hired us. When you found out I stashed the money you figured it was time for me to die. You got those two crumbs to turn state's evidence on me. You stinkin' rotten mouthpiece. Paul Lowe, Attorney: We both know that isn't true, Butcher. Now look what's the sense in not giving me the money? It's not going to do you any good. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: Well. I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that none of you three crumbs are going to spend it. Paul Lowe, Attorney: What about Eva? Don't you owe her something? You tell me where the money is, I'll see that she gets your share. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: I've got a different idea. I'm gonna kill you and Squeamy and Joe. Then I'll take care of Eva myself. Paul Lowe, Attorney: You thick-headed ape, you're gonna die tomorrow. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: Remember what I said. I'm gonna get you. All three of you. Paul Lowe, Attorney: Even for you, Butcher, that will be quite a trick. So long, dead man. Charles 'Butcher' Benton: [As Lowe leaves Butcher's cell] Remember what I said. I'm gonna kill you. All three of you.
Movie Trivia:
  • Lt. Chasen mentions putting in a call to a Professor Dwiggins at Caltech who may know about Professor Bradshaw's work. Sue Dwiggins is the real name of co-writer Sue Bradford.
  • Released on a double bill with World Without End (1956).
  • Lon Chaney has almost no spoken lines in this movie.
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Police, Police Protection, Death, Professor, Gang  ...[more]

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