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Jaws 2 (1978)
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Jaws 2 (1978) It is 4 years after the events of 'Jaws', and the residents of Amity are putting their lives back together with the opening of a new hotel & luxury condominiums. Two divers also come across the wrck of Quint's boat Orca and start taking photographs. A huge shark appears and kills the divers, but not before one of them got a picture of it. When the camera is found later, Police Chief Brody decides to develop the film. While waiting for the results, a young waterskier is attacked and killed by the shark, who then attacks the tow boat, blowing it up & killing the driver. A killer whale carcass is also found on shore with huge bites taken out of it, which convinces the Chief that a Great White Shark is back in the water of Amity. Later Brody spots the shark from the shark tower at the beach and orders it evacuated, but it turns out to be a school of bluefish. The film is developed that night and Brody has the proof he needs - the photo of the head of a shark. When he presents it to the town council, they simply deny that it's a shark. Brody is fired by the council, with only Mayor Vaughan voting against. Next day the shark ambushes a group of lobster divers, and then heads after a group of kids in sailboats - including Brody's and Vaughan's sons! The shark cripples the boats and kills 3 more people as Brody starts a search on the police boat. Will he be able to locate them before the shark makes a meal out of them?

Movie Tagline:
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Title: Jaws 2
Release Date: June 16, 1978
Runtime: 116 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 5.6
Buried.com Rating: 6.6 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With J

MPAA Rating: PG

Jeannot Szwarc

Roy Scheider ...Police Chief Martin Brody
Lorraine Gary ...Ellen Brody
Murray Hamilton ...Mayor Larry Vaughn
Joseph Mascolo ...Len Peterson
Jeffrey Kramer ...Deputy Jeff Hendricks
Collin Wilcox Paxton ...Dr. Lureen Elkins (as Collin Wilcox)
Ann Dusenberry ...Tina Wilcox
Mark Gruner ...Michael 'Mike' Brody
Barry Coe ...Tom Andrews
Susan French ...Grace Witherspoon - Old Lady
Gary Springer ...Andy Nicholas
Donna Wilkes ...Jackie Peters
Gary Dubin ...Eddie Marchand
John Dukakis ...Paul 'Polo' Loman
G. Thomas Dunlop ...Timmy Weldon
David Elliott ...Larry Vaughn Jr.
Marc Gilpin ...Sean Brody
Keith Gordon ...Doug Fetterman
Cindy Grover ...Lucy (as Cynthia Grover)
Ben Marley ...Patrick
Martha Swatek ...Marge
Billy Van Zandt ...Bob
Gigi Vorgan ...Brooke Peters
Jerry M. Baxter ...Helicopter Pilot
Jean Coulter ...Diane - Ski Boat Driver
Daphne Dibble ...Swimmer #1
Christine Freeman ...Terri - Water Skier
April Gilpin ...Renee
William Griffith ...Lifeguard
Gregory Harris ...Diver #2 (as Greg Harris)

» [more cast members]

Joe Alves
David Brown
Richard D. Zanuck

Peter Benchley
Carl Gottlieb
Howard Sackler

John Williams

More Movie Taglines:
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
  • Coming sooner than you think
  • Is it humanly possible that with all the sharks in the world, there could only be one as terrible as...JAWS? (trailer on DVD)
  • One good bite deserves another! (1980 re-release)
Movie Quote(s):
  • Martin Brody: [as the shark approaches Brody] Martin Brody: Alright, you big bastard! Come On! I've got something for ya' now! That's it! Attaboy, come one! Right over here! Open wide OPEN WIDE! SAY AAH!
  • Martin Brody: Oh, Hendricks, good! Right this way. Excuse us, please. I want you to come in here and, er, check out this 908. Hendricks: What the hell's a 908? I've never heard of a 908! Martin Brody: 908 means get me outta there!
  • Mrs. Taft: Good morning. Selling some more of the good life? Ellen Brody: Oh, yeah... Piece of this, piece of that - it all adds up. Mrs. Taft: Your husband's been here all morning. What's he doing? Ellen Brody: His job.
  • Ellen Brody: That's your third smoke already! Martin Brody: [complacent] Good coffee... Ellen Brody: Try a donut.
  • Phil Fogarty: I can't watch a ball game anymore, I can't watch the news anymore! I can't even watch a movie! All I hear is that damn kid and his damn radio going "Breaker, Breaker, Breaker"! Martin Brody: Well, I'll see what I can do, but remember, it's under federal jurisdiction. Phil Fogarty: So call the FBI!
Movie Trivia:
  • Original director John D. Hancock was fired and replaced by Jeannot Szwarc.
  • According to actor Joseph Mascolo (Len Peterson), scenes were filmed by original director John D. Hancock that fleshed out his character; in particular, Peterson's mob connections, as mentioned in Carl Gottlieb/Dorothy Tristan's original screenplay. Once Hancock was fired, those scenes were discarded and never used.
  • Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss were approached to direct and star in the sequel but production on Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) was running behind and they declined to participate.
  • On the Brodys' front porch is a flower planter painted bright yellow. It is one of the barrels from the first Jaws (1975).
  • In one of the boat scenes a young man is seen reading a book: "Jaws" by Peter Benchley.
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» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

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