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Miracle Mile (1988)
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Miracle Mile (1988) Harry finally meets the girl of his dreams--on the last day of Earth. Harry mistakenly picked up a ringing pay phone to learn that a nuclear war had already begun. Now with a ticking clock and a rioting city deteriorating around him, Harry must guide Julie to safety. But can he save himself as lawlessness becomes the norm and terror grips every living soul in the city?

Movie Tagline:
You just found out that you have 24 hours to live. What are YOU going to do?

Title: Miracle Mile
Release Date: May 19, 1989
Runtime: 87 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Ultra Stereo
IMDB Rating: 6.8
Buried.com Rating: 7.8 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With M

MPAA Rating: R

Steve De Jarnatt

Anthony Edwards ...Harry Washello
Mare Winningham ...Julie Peters
John Agar ...Ivan Peters
Lou Hancock ...Lucy Peters
Mykelti Williamson ...Wilson (as Mykel T. Williamson)
Kelly Jo Minter ...Charlotta (as Kelly Minter)
Kurt Fuller ...Gerstead
Denise Crosby ...Landa
Robert DoQui ...Fred the Cook (as Robert Doqui)
O Lan Jones ...Waitress
Claude Earl Jones ...Harlan
Alan Rosenberg ...Mike
Danny De La Paz ...Transvestite
Earl Boen ...Drunk Man in Diner
Diane Delano ...Stewardess
Jose Mercado ...Bus Boy from Diner (as Jose Mercado)
Alan Berger ...New Person in Catering Truck
Howard Swain ...Babbler
Raphael Sbarge ...Chip (voice)
Lucille Bliss ...Old Woman in Diner
Cynthia Phillips ...Female Cop
Chad Taylor ...Male Cop
Edward Bunker ...Nightwatchman
Brian Thompson ...Power Lifter
Herbert Fair ...Leslie
Tina Webster ...Girl in aerobic class
Kirby Tepper ...yuppie at Heliport
Jenette Goldstein ...Beverly Hills Chick #1
Victoria Powells ...Beverly Hills Chick #2
Jordana Capra ...TV Anchorwoman

» [more cast members]

Graham Cottle
John Daly
Derek Gibson
Eileen Stringer

Steve De Jarnatt

Tangerine Dream

More Movie Taglines:
  • You just found out that you have 24 hours to live. What are YOU going to do?
  • There are 70 minutes to the end of the world. Where can you hide?
Movie Quote(s):
  • Wilson: [Harry is forcing him to drive the wrong way on Wilshire Boulevard, at gunpoint] What's the hurry, Harry? Harry Washello: I gotta catch a plane. Wilson: The airport's the other way. Harry Washello: I forgot something.
  • Nightwatchman: I don't pump gas. You're gonna have to pump that yourself. [Tosses the pump keys to Harry] Wilson: [Harry tosses the pump keys to Wilson] Y'all got the guns.
  • Harry Washello: Does she always sleep this deep? Lucy Peters: She took a Valium.
  • Gerstead: Pal, it's after four in the morning. All of the helicopter pilot bars are closed.
  • Charlotta: Is this your blood... or mine?
Movie Trivia:
  • The punch line to the unfinished joke the loudmouth at the bar was telling (It's the mailman's last day on the job, he goes to a woman's house and she invites him in, makes loves to him, makes him a wonderful breakfast and then gives him 5 dollars) is: Mailman: What was that for? Woman: Well I asked my husband what to do for you on your last day and he said, "Screw him, give him 5 dollars." The breakfast was my idea!
  • Originally written to be one of the segments in Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983).
  • The name of the burger shop that Julie works at is called "Fat Boy". This is a nod to the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Fat Man and Little Boy.
  • According to a story told by casting director Billy DaMota in the documentary I Don't Know Jack (2002) , the role of Fred the Cook was originally offered to Eraserhead (1977) star Jack Nance , who refused the role because he wanted to focus on his day job as a security guard.
IMDB Links:
» User Comments at imdb.com
» More information at imdb.com

Nuclear War, Los Angeles California, Single Day, Real Time, Person On Fire  ...[more]

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