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Mosura Tai Gojira (1964)
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Mosura Tai Gojira (1964) A hurricane blows Mothra's egg off Infant Island and causes it to drift to Japan. Banzo Torhata sees an opportunity to make money off the egg but Mothra's twin priestesses show up and plead with him to return the egg or else the larva will hatch and cause great damage in search of food. Torahata refuses and tries to kidnap the fairies. They then go to reporters Ichiro Sakai and Junko Nakanishi to try to persuade Torahata to return the egg. Torahata still refuses and the girls leave with the adult Mothra. In the meantime Godzilla reawakens and begins another rampage. Japan's only hope is for Mothra to return and not only save her unhatched offspring, but Japan as well.

Movie Tagline:
Nothing Like This Ever On the Screen!

Also Known As:
Godzilla vs. the Thing

Title: Mosura Tai Gojira
Release Date: September 17, 1964
Runtime: 87 mins
Genre: Action
All Genres: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Languages: Japanese
Country: Japan
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 6.2
Buried.com Rating: 7.2 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With M

MPAA Rating: Unrated

Ishiro Honda

Akira Takarada ...News Reporter Ichiro Sakai
yuriko Hoshi ...News Photographer Junko 'yoka' Nakanishi
Hiroshi Koizumi ...Prof. Miura
yu Fujiki ...Reporter Jiro Nakamura (with egg and frying pan)
Emi Ito ...Shobijin (Twin Fairy)
yumi Ito ...Shobijin (Twin Fairy)
yoshifumi Tajima ...Kumayama
Kenji Sahara ...Banzo Torahata - U.S.:Shiro Torahata
Jun Tazaki ...Editor Arota
Kenzo Tabu ...Mayor
yutaka Sada ...Old Man
Akira Tani ...Village Headman
Susumu Fujita ...General
Ikio Sawamura ...Priest
Ren yamamoto ...Sailor
yoshio Kosugi ...Chief of Infant Island
Toshihiko Furuta ...Soldier
Katsumi Tezuka ...Soldier
yasuhisa Tsutsumi ...Longshoreman
Kozo Nomura ...Soldier
Seishiro Kuno ...Aide
Shin Otomo ...Police Officer
Senkichi Omura ...Villager
Hironobu Wakamoto ...Villager
Wataru Omae ...Islander
Koji Uno ...Journalist
yutaka Nakayama ...Islander
Tadashi Okabe ...Soldier
Miki yashiro ...Schoolteacher
Haruo Nakajima ...Gojira

» [more cast members]

Sanezumi Fujimoto
Tomoyuki Tanaka

Shinichi Sekizawa

Akira Ifukube

Mosura Tai Gojira Horror Film Trailer 1

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"The Song of Mothra"
"The Prayer of the Fairies"
"Mahala Mothra"
"Song Of A Tiny Star"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Nothing Like This Ever On the Screen!
  • WHAT IS IT... How much terror can you stand?
  • SEE the armies of the world destroyed! SEE the BIRTH of the world's most terrifying monster! SEE the war of the GIANTS!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Reporter Jiro Nakamura: "I'm not as afraid of Godzilla as I am of the editor... he's meaner."
  • News Reporter Ichiro Sakai: Yoka, get your things together. News Photographer Junko 'Yoka' Nakanishi: I've been trying to get a shot of the area, but the land is moving. Look, over there. [the earth moves, and out emerges a monster] Mayor: Ah! Oh! Godzilla!
  • News Reporter Ichiro Sakai: Listen, when the girls came to us, we did nothing to help them, so why would they help us? Editor Arota: Look, you three are the only ones who can talk to the girls. We need help or everything will get trampled. Godzilla will crush our entire nation!
  • [the natives of Infant Island refuse to assist Japan after Godzilla attacks because their island had been ravaged by man's atomic bomb testings] News Photographer Junko 'Yoka' Nakanishi: Please listen, we all understand. But do not blame every one of us of what has happened. The monster is killing everyone. The good are being killed, as well as the evil. Are you going to let innocent men died along side guilty men. You have no right to decide that, that right is sacred. My friends and I appeal to you with the utmost humility. Our people are unable to stop Godzilla. We truly like to help you, but we need your help first. Refuse us then, and everyone will die! News Reporter Ichiro Sakai: Just as you distrust as, then we distrust others we well. What's wrong? We're all human. As humans we are responsible for each other, we're related. Refuse us then you'll abandon your brothers. We must learn to help each other.
Movie Trivia:
  • With this film, the name of Mothra's island changes from "Beiru" to "Infant Island".
  • The only Godzilla movie in which footage filmed in Japan was only shown in the US.
  • It's not generally known among non-Godzilla enthusiasts, but "Mothra" had her own movie in 1961. Mosura (1961) was one of the major monster films Toho made during Godzilla's rest from the silver screen from 1955-1962. Other Toho monsters that originally had their own separate movie would take the same path as Mothra. Rodan, Manda, Baragon, and Varan would appear in future Godzilla movies, but Rodan though would be the only monster out of these four that would take on any major roles.
  • The year 1964 is the only when Toho released two Godzilla movies in one year. Right after this film, Toho began working on San daikaijū: Chikyū saidai no kessen (1964), which debuted that December.
  • The Mosugoji suit is a favorite among fans. After the more comedic approach to Godzilla in Kingu Kongu tai Gojira (1962), Toho decided to return its big star back to his original, evil, marauding depiction for this film. The Mosugoji suit, designed by Teizo Toshimitsu, was very different in appearance than its predecessor, Kingoji. Godzilla had less reptilian features than the Kingoji suit. The Mosugoji suit was also less bulky. The snout was slightly shorter, and the yellow around the pupils was changed to white. The tail was also made longer, and the skin featured a slight greenish tinge.
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