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On The Beach (1959)
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On The Beach (1959) Someone, somewhere, pressed the button and started World War III. Australia has survived - temporarily. The radiation is on it's way, the end inevitable. This is the story of the way in which people faced the coming end, focusing mainly on a young Australian couple and their friends, including the captain of an American submarine that was on patrol in the Pacific when the bombs were falling. And then the Australians detect a morse signal coming from somewhere around San Diego...

Title: On The Beach
Release Date: December 17, 1959
Runtime: 134 mins
Genre: Drama
All Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.4
Buried.com Rating: 8.4 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With O

MPAA Rating: Approved

Stanley Kramer

Gregory Peck ...Cmdr. Dwight Lionel Towers, USS Sawfish
Ava Gardner ...Moira Davidson
Fred Astaire ...Julian Osborne
Anthony Perkins ...Lt. Peter Holmes - Royal Australian Navy
Donna Anderson ...Mary Holmes
John Tate ...Adm. Bridie
Harp McGuire ...Lt. Sunderstrom (ashore in San Diego)
Lola Brooks ...Lt. Hosgood (Bridie's secretary)
Ken Wayne ...Lt. Benson
Guy Doleman ...Lt. Cmdr. Farrel
Richard Meikle ...Davis
John Meillon ...Ralph Swain (ashore in San Francisco)
Joe McCormick ...Ackerman (radiation sickness)
Lou Vernon ...Bill Davidson (Moira's father)
Kevin Brennan ...Dr. King (radiation diagnosis)
Basil Buller Murphy ...Sir Douglas Froude (club)
John Casson ...Salvation Army captain
Paddy Moran ...Stevens (club wine steward)
Grant Taylor ...Morgan (Holmes party)
Harvey Adams ...Sykes (State Fisheries & Game Dept.)
Peter Ashton ...Bit Part
Jim Barrett ...Chrysler (Moira's outfit)
Ken Baumgartner ...Bit Part
Jack Boyer ...Bit Part
C. Harding Brown ...Dykers (billiards at club)
Norman Cook ...Bit Part
Colin Crane ...Bit Part
Gerry Duggan ...Bit Part
Keith Eden ...Dr. Fletcher (with Peter on the beach)
Lucian Endicott ...Bit Part

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Stanley Kramer

John Paxton
Nevil Shute

Ernest Gold

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Waltzing Matilda"
"Onward, Christian Soldiers"

Movie Quote(s):
  • Dwight Towers: Well... how'd you recognize me? Moira Davidson: I love Americans. They're so naive.
  • Moira Davidson: I wouldn't really mind... if you could forget entirely who I am... I don't like myself very much anyway.
  • Moira Davidson: There isn't time. No time to love... nothing to remember... nothing worth remembering.
  • Peter: You remember when we first met? It was on the beach. I thought you were everything I'd always wanted. Mary: I thought you were so underfed.
  • Mary: It's all over now, isn't it? Peter: Yes, it's all over.
Movie Trivia:
  • It is rumored that guards at each end of the Golden Gate Bridge were paid $500 each to stop cars for a minute to get footage of an empty bridge.
  • The U.S. Department of Defense and the United States Navy declined to cooperate in the production of this film, including access to a nuclear-powered submarine, which forced the film production to use a non-nuclear, diesel-electric Royal Navy submarine, HMS Andrew.
  • Fred Astaire launched his non-musical, dramatic acting career with this film.
  • The movie was shot in part in Berwick, a (then) small town in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Some streets which were being established during this time were named after people involved in the film. Some examples are: Gardner Street (Ava Gardner), Shute Avenue (Nevil Shute) and Kramer Drive (Stanley Kramer).
  • According to Philip R. Davey, author of the book "When Hollywood Came to Melbourne: The Story of the Making of Stanley Kramer's 'On The Beach'", director Stanley Kramer experienced many problems with the thousands of bathers who stood in shoulder-deep water to watch the proceedings, and who applauded the cast after each take. Their enthusiasm was gratifying in this respect if not in others, such as when thousands of people began crowding forward to get a closer look at Ava Gardner, they repeatedly moved into camera range, thus necessitating many frustrating retakes.
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Australia, Nuclear War, Submarine, Fallout, Radiation  ...[more]

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