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Prince Of Darkness (1987)
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Prince Of Darkness (1987) A priest/a millionaire dies and leaves a diary and a casket containing a key. Another priest reads the diary and after visiting a deserted church discovers a large glass tube containing some kind of green swirling liquid locked away. The priest tells a Professor friend of the discovery and the priest, the professor and a couple of students stay in the church to research the tube. Their discovery leads to the fact that the tube contains the Devil's son, and a prophecy that "when the sleeper awakens the son will release the father." The tube is locked from the inside and the sleeper is beginning to stir. The students/priest/professor now have a battle to stop the Devil from being released but some of them are being taken over to aid the Son's cause...

Movie Tagline:
Where are you...? Christ?

Also Known As:
John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness

Title: Prince Of Darkness
Release Date: October 23, 1987
Runtime: 102 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Color
Sound: Ultra Stereo
IMDB Rating: 6.5
Buried.com Rating: 7.5 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With P

MPAA Rating: R

John Carpenter

Donald Pleasence ...Priest
Jameson Parker ...Brian Marsh
Victor Wong ...Prof. Howard Birack
Lisa Blount ...Catherine Danforth
Dennis Dun ...Walter
Susan Blanchard ...Kelly
Anne Marie Howard ...Susan Cabot (as Anne Howard)
Ann yen ...Lisa
Ken Wright ...Lomax
Dirk Blocker ...Mullins
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson ...Calder
Peter Jason ...Dr. Paul Leahy
Robert Grasmere ...Frank Wyndham
Thom Bray ...Etchinson
Joanna Merlin ...Bag Lady
Alice Cooper ...Street Schizo
Betty Ramey ...Nun
Jessie Ferguson ...Dark Figure
Helen Kelly ...Homeless Woman at the Church

Andre Blay
Larry J. Franco
Shep Gordon

John Carpenter

John Carpenter
Alan Howarth

Prince Of Darkness Horror Film Trailer 1

Movie Soundtrack(s):
"Heavenly Puss"
"Prince of Darkness"

More Movie Taglines:
  • Where are you...? Christ?
  • Before man walked the earth...it slept for centuries. It is evil. It is real. It is awakening.
Movie Quote(s):
  • [Birack teaches a class on quantum physics] Professor Edward Birack: Let's talk about our beliefs, and what we can learn about them. We believe nature is solid, and time a constant. Matter has substance and time a direction. There is truth in flesh and the solid ground. The wind may be invisible, but it's real. Smoke, fire, water, light - they're different! Not as to stone or steel, but they're tangible. And we assume time is narrow because it is as a clock - one second is one second for everyone! Cause precedes effect - fruit rots, water flows downstream. We're born, we age, we die. The reverse NEVER happens... None of this is true! Say goodbye to classical reality, because our logic collapses on the subatomic level... into ghosts and shadows.
  • [Birack teaches a class on quantum physics] Professor Edward Birack: From Job's friends insisting that the good are rewarded and the wicked punished, to the scientists of the 1930's proving to their horror the theorem that not everything can be proved, we've sought to impose order on the universe. But we've discovered something very surprising: while order DOES exist in the universe, it is not at all what we had in mind!
  • [Walter is studying quantum physics] Walter: Why do I want a Ph.D. in this? Catherine: Particle beam weapons, research grants... Walter: A millionaire when I'm forty! Now I remember!
  • Walter: Why is everybody looking at me that way? Brian: Because you're being asshole-ish. Walter: Well, it's very asshole-ish of you to say so!
  • Kelly: Hello? I'm opening the door, if you want to stop what you're doing and put your clothes on!
Movie Trivia:
  • Screenwriter 'Carpenter, John' is credited as "Martin Quatermass". The pseudonym is a homage to Professor Bernard Quatermass, the lead character of "The Quatermass Experiment" (1953) and several subsequent TV series and film versions. In the original press notes he was described as 'the brother of Professor Bernard Quatermass, head of the British rocket programme.' In a further nod to Carpenter's influences, the character Wyndham is named after science-fiction author John Wyndham and Anne Howard's character is named after the star of The Wasp Woman (1959), Susan Cabot.
  • Donald Pleasence's character, Father Loomis, is named after the character he played in the Halloween movies.
  • 'Jameson Parker', who plays Brian, was sporting an old leg injury he picked up while making TV series "Simon & Simon" (1981), and would sometimes need to rest in his trailer because of the pain.
  • When actor Peter Jason, who plays Dr. Leahy, introduces himself to Dr. Birack ('Victor Wong') for the first time, he wasn't expecting Wong to walk away in the middle of the scene. Jason's subsequent confused appearance and awkwardness is natural and unscripted.
  • Rock singer Alice Cooper is among the hordes of homeless people that surround the church during the film.
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