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Psycho (1960)
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Psycho (1960) In a spur of the moment decision, Marion Crane decides to leave Phoenix with the $40,000 her boss entrusted to her to deposit at the bank. She's headed to her boyfriend Sam in Fairvale, California and the money will finally let them start their life together. After having spent a night in her car, she can't quite make all the way and spends her second night at the Bates Motel. There she meets Norman Bates, a shy and withdrawn young man who seems to be dominated by his mother. They chat for a while and as a result she decides to go back to Pheonix and return the money. She's still going to spend the night at the motel and decides to have a shower before going to bed. A week later Marion's sister arrives at Sam's store in Fairvale to tell him Marion has disappeared. Together with a private detective, Milton Arbogast, they begin searching the area and eventually come across the Bates Motel.

Movie Tagline:
A new- and altogether different- screen excitement!!!

Also Known As:

Title: Psycho
Release Date: June 16, 1960
Runtime: 109 mins
Genre: Horror
All Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Languages: English
Country: USA
Colors: Black and White
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 8.7
Buried.com Rating: 9.7 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With P

MPAA Rating: R

Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Perkins ...Norman Bates
Vera Miles ...Lila Crane
John Gavin ...Sam Loomis
Martin Balsam ...Milton Arbogast
John McIntire ...Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers
Simon Oakland ...Dr. Fred Richmond
Vaughn Taylor ...George Lowery
Frank Albertson ...Tom Cassidy
Lurene Tuttle ...Mrs. Chambers
Patricia Hitchcock ...Caroline (as Pat Hitchcock)
John Anderson ...California Charlie
Mort Mills ...Highway Patrol Officer
Janet Leigh ...Marion Crane
Fletcher Allen ...Policeman on Steps
Prudence Beers ...Extra
Muriel Bradley ...Extra
Kit Carson ...Extra
Francis De Sales ...Deputy District Attorney Alan Deats
George Dockstader ...Extra
George Eldredge ...Police Chief James Mitchell
Harper Flaherty ...Extra
Sam Flint ...County Sheriff
Margaret Furrer ...Extra
Virginia Gregg ...Norma Bates (voice)
Alfred Hitchcock ...Man Outside Real Estate Office
Paul Jasmin ...Norma Bates (voice)
Myra Jones ...Extra
Lee Kass ...Extra
Frank Killmond ...Bob Summerfield
Ted Knight ...Policeman in Hallway Opening Door

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Alfred Hitchcock

Joseph Stefano
Robert Bloch

Bernard Herrmann

Psycho Horror Film Trailer 1
Psycho Horror Film Trailer 2

More Movie Taglines:
  • A new- and altogether different- screen excitement!!!
  • * No One ... BUT NO ONE ... Will Be Admitted To The Theatre After The Start Of Each Performance Of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
  • It Is _Required_ That You See Psycho From The Very Beginning!
  • Don't give away the ending
  • it's the only one we have!
  • The screen's master of suspense moves his camera into the icy blackness of the unexplained!
  • Electrifying shocker! (Australia Release)
  • The master of suspense moves his cameras into the icy blackness of the unexplored! (window card)
  • Exploring the blackness of the subconscious man!
  • It's Back! (1965 reissue)
  • See the version TV didn't dare show! (1968 re-release)
Movie Quote(s):
  • Norman Bates: Dirty night.
  • Norman Bates: Oh, we have 12 vacancies. 12 cabins, 12 vacancies.
  • Norma Bates: No! I tell you no! I won't have you bringing some young girl in for supper! By candlelight, I suppose, in the cheap, erotic fashion of young men with cheap, erotic minds! Norman Bates: Mother, please...! Norma Bates: And then what? After supper? Music? Whispers? Norman Bates: Mother, she's just a stranger. She's hungry, and it's raining out! Norma Bates: "Mother, she's just a stranger"! As if men don't desire strangers! As if... ohh, I refuse to speak of disgusting things, because they disgust me! You understand, boy? Go on, go tell her she'll not be appeasing her ugly appetite with MY food... or my son! Or do I have tell her because you don't have the guts! Huh, boy? You have the guts, boy? Norman Bates: Shut up! Shut up!
  • Marion Crane: I'll lick the stamps.
  • Norman Bates: I think I must have one of those faces you can't help believing.
Movie Trivia:
  • Considered for the role of Marion were: Eva Marie Saint, Piper Laurie, Martha Hyer, Hope Lange, Shirley Jones, and Lana Turner.
  • Alfred Hitchcock bought the rights to the novel anonymously from Robert Bloch for only US$9,000. He then bought up as many copies of the novel as he could to keep the ending a secret.
  • One of the reasons Alfred Hitchcock shot the movie in black and white was he thought it would be too gory in color. But the main reason was that he wanted to make the film as inexpensively as possible (under $1 million). He also wondered if so many bad, inexpensively made, b/w "B" movies did so well at the box office, what would happen if a really good, inexpensively made, b/w movie was made.
  • This was Alfred Hitchcock's last feature film in black and white.
  • During filming, this movie was referred to as "Production 9401" or "Wimpy". The latter name came from the second-unit cameraman on the picture Rex Wimpy who appeared on clapboards and production sheets, and some on-the-set stills for Psycho.
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Motel, California, Shower, Alimony, Phoenix Arizona  ...[more]

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