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Quatermass And The Pit (1967)
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Quatermass And The Pit (1967) Workers excavating at an underground station in London uncover the skeletal remains of ancient apes with large skulls. Further digging reveals what is at first believed to be an unexploded German bomb from World War II. Missile expert Colonel Breen is brought in to investigate, accompanied by Professor Bernard Quartermass. When the interior of the "missile" is exposed, a dead locust-like creature that resembles the devil is found. It is determined by Quartermass that these "locusts" are evil Martians who altered the brains of our simian ancestors to eventually lay claim to the Earth. When Quartermass's suspicion that the missile can reactivate the dormant evil in humans is confirmed, all hell breaks loose.

Movie Tagline:
All Earth Stands Helpless! Spawned in the depths of outer space -- a monster so horrible, so vicious, so incredible -- even when you see it you won't believe it could be! (U.S. poster)

Also Known As:
Five Million Years to Earth

Title: Quatermass And The Pit
Release Date: February 16, 1968
Runtime: 97 mins
Genre: Sci-Fi
All Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror
Languages: English
Country: UK
Colors: Color
Sound: Mono
IMDB Rating: 7.4
Buried.com Rating: 8.4 - (Rate This Horror Movie at Buried.com)
Category: Horror Movies Starting With Q

MPAA Rating: Approved

Roy Ward Baker

James Donald ...Dr. Mathew Roney
Andrew Keir ...Prof. Bernard Quatermass
Barbara Shelley ...Barbara Judd
Julian Glover ...Colonel Breen
Duncan Lamont ...Sladden
Bryan Marshall ...Captain Potter
Peter Copley ...Howell
Edwin Richfield ...Minister
Grant Taylor ...Police Sergeant Ellis
Maurice Good ...Sergeant Cleghorn
Robert Morris ...Jerry Watson
Sheila Steafel ...Journalist
Hugh Futcher ...Sapper West
Hugh Morton ...Elderly Journalist
Thomas Heathcote ...Vicar
Noel Howlett ...Abbey Librarian
Hugh Manning ...Pub Customer
June Ellis ...Blonde
Keith Marsh ...Johnson
James Culliford ...Corporal Gibson
Bee Duffell ...Miss Dobson
Roger Avon ...Electrician
Brian Peck ...Technical Officer
John Graham ...Inspector
Charles Lamb ...Newsvendor
Peter Bennett ...London Transport Official
Peter Bourne ...Second Electrician
John Bown ...TV Interviewer
Simon Brent ...Orderly Officer
David Crane ...Institute Attendant

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Anthony Nelson Keys

Nigel Kneale

Tristram Cary

Quatermass And The Pit Horror Film Trailer 1

More Movie Taglines:
  • All Earth Stands Helpless! Spawned in the depths of outer space -- a monster so horrible, so vicious, so incredible -- even when you see it you won't believe it could be! (U.S. poster)
  • Force more powerful than 1,000 H-Bombs unleashed to devastate earth! World in panic! Cities in flames!
Movie Quote(s):
  • Professor Bernard Quatermass: I never had a career. Only work.
  • Sladden: Are you insured? I'm insured. It's good to be insured. At least it cheers you up.
  • Minister of Defense: You realise what you're implying? That we owe our human condition here to the intervention of insects?
  • Col. Breen: Mars is dead, nothing there but a few scraps of lichen. Professor Bernard Quatermass: Five million years ago it may have been very different. Suppose at that time there were living beings on it with techniques that let them visit the Earth at a time when the most highly evolved creatures here, our own ancestors, were only a type of Pliocene ape. Minister of Defense: Go on. Professor Bernard Quatermass: They may have wanted to found another colony, when their own world was doomed, but couldn't endure our atmosphere, so they experimented. Minister of Defense: Oh, and the insects were responsible? Professor Bernard Quatermass: There is clearly some connection. My guess is that those were ape mutations being brought back for release on Earth. Col. Breen: And you really believe this was possible? That apes were systematically taken from this planet to another and... Professor Bernard Quatermass: Altered, by selective breeding, atomic surgery, methods we can't guess, and with new faculties instilled in them, high intelligence, perhaps something else. Howell: In effect, a colonization. Professor Bernard Quatermass: It would be a way of possessing the Earth. Only a colony by proxy, but better than leaving nothing at all behind. Howell: Surely it had to be carried out on a hugh scale. Professor Bernard Quatermass: Yes, if I'm right, if I'm right, we've come on a single instance, probably an accident, a landing that went wrong and they all died. The Thames valley was swamp then. Minister of Defense: You realize what you are implying? That we owe our human condition here to the intervention of insects. Professor Bernard Quatermass: I suppose I am.
  • Professor Bernard Quatermass: The will to survive is an odd phenomenon. Roney, if we found out our own world was doomed, say by climatic changes, what would we do about it? Dr. Mathew Roney: Nothing, just go on squabbling like usual. Professor Bernard Quatermass: Yes, but is we weren't men?
Movie Trivia:
  • Duncan Lamont, here playing the tormented drill operator Sladden, played the doomed astronaut Victor Carroon in the very first Quatermass TV series, "The Quatermass Experiment" (1953).
  • Roney's mental image, seen on a small screen when the apparatus is being calibrated, is a shot from early in Four Sided Triangle (1953), an earlier Hammer science fiction film.
  • Noel Howlett played the role of the vicar in the original BBC TV serial.
  • Julian Glover had to perform his own stunts, including the scene where Colonel Breen falls over into the pit.
  • If you look closely at the London Underground station walls, you can see quite a few posters from other Hammer projects such as The Reptile (1966), Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) and The Witches (1966), as well as My Fair Lady (1964) and Hotel (1967). An old, partially-ripped poster for Sex and the Single Girl (1964) can be seen on the wall opposite the entrance to Hobbs End station.
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